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Matt Shipman

image shows three diagrams of a life cycle. One is circular and shows multiple offspring; one is circular and shows a sinigle offspring; one is linear and shows multiple offspring

Apr 17, 2024

In Life Cycle Diagrams, Small Changes Make a Big Difference

A new study finds simple changes in life cycle diagrams can improve student understanding of key biology concepts. 

illustration shows platelets (white blobs) and red blood cells clotting at the site of a puncture in a blood vessel.

Apr 11, 2024

Synthetic Platelets Stanch Bleeding, Promote Healing in Animal Models

Researchers have developed synthetic platelets that can be used to stop bleeding and enhance healing at the site of an injury. 

a young woman works on a computer while an older woman looks over her shoulder

Apr 8, 2024

Senior Staff Give More Constructive Feedback When They Think They’ll Work With You Again

The findings are relevant to any company where on-the-job training is important for developing a skilled workforce. 

photo shows a black person in white labcoat marked with the letters MD, PhD. The person has a stethoscope around their neck and is holding a smartphone.

Apr 4, 2024

What You Do and Don’t Know About Racial Inequities in Health Care Can Hurt You

The extent to which people understand existing racial inequities in access to health care can have an effect on how white and Black people view their own health. 

image shows a graduation mortarboard cap being thrown in the air against a blue sky backdrop

Apr 3, 2024

Are Universities Connected to Local Sustainability? A New Study Suggests Yes…and No.

Universities scoring strongly on measures of sustainability are associated with innovation and economic growth – but not environmental sustainability – in their home communities. 

image shows a sign that reads "CRI$IS"

Apr 1, 2024

Study Suggests Taking an Aggressive Stance in Crisis Communications Costs Companies Money

The bottom line? When a company took an aggressive stance, its stock price dropped. 

a factory is shown in silhouette against a sunrise

Mar 28, 2024

Smart Utility Meters Drive Down Manufacturing Costs – If Managers Use Them

A new study finds the willingness of managers to use smart utility meters is a key driver in reducing energy consumption and related costs. 

person in a black coat has their fingers crossed behind their back.

Mar 18, 2024

New Technique Helps AI Tell When Humans Are Lying

The technique was developed for use in contexts when humans have an economic incentive to lie, such as applying for a mortgage. 

photo shows a green, leafy plant against a white backdrop

Mar 13, 2024

Simple Trick Could Improve Accuracy of Plant Genetics Research

A simple trick improves the accuracy of techniques that help us understand how external variables – such as temperature – affect gene activity in plants. 

photo shows pedestrians and cars moving through a busy intersection in a city

Mar 12, 2024

New Traffic Signal Would Improve Travel Time for Both Pedestrians and Vehicles

Adding a fourth light to traffic signals would shorten wait times at street corners for pedestrians, as well as improve traffic flow for both autonomous vehicles and human drivers. 

photo shows a classroom of students watching a teacher. the hairstyles of the three kids in the back row suggest they are of different races (you only see them from behind)

Mar 11, 2024

No, An Anti-Racist Program in Schools Didn’t Stress Out Kids

A new study finds an anti-racist intervention did not cause stress or feelings of alienation among high school students. 

a gavel rests on a white table

Mar 6, 2024

What Drives ‘Drug-Induced Homicide’ Prosecutions in North Carolina?

A desire to reduce overdose deaths is spurring DIH prosecutions -- but the evidence suggests it may be harming public health. 

young woman leans against a wall with her hair hanging into her face

Mar 4, 2024

It’s Not Just You: Young People Look, Feel Older When They’re Stressed

A new study finds younger adults look and feel older on stressful days – but only on days when they also feel they have relatively less control over their own lives. 

image shows robot in a lab, standing in front of a whiteboard that shows a range of catalytic reactions

Feb 27, 2024

AI-Driven Lab Speeds Catalysis Research

The new tool, called Fast-Cat, can provide more information in five days than is possible in six months of conventional testing. 

cartoonish image shows a person holding a computer and looking up at a maze of paths that all lead to different glowing lights

Feb 15, 2024

Do AI-driven Chemistry Labs Actually Work? New Metrics Promise Answers

The idea of a self-driving lab is wonderful. But how well do they actually work?