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Sumner Presents Lecture

Dr. Emmett A. Sumner III,  assistant professor of civil engineering and technical director of the Constructed Facilities Laboratory, delivered the 2009 Robert J. Dexter Memorial Lecture. The program allows an early career researcher in structural engineering to present a lecture on steel bridge activities to a group of the nation’s leading experts and to participate in the steel bridge task force’s semiannual three-day meeting.

Sumner’s presentation was titled “Lateral Flange Bending Research of Skewed Steel Bridge Girders.” His research is focused on the analysis, design, construction and performance of steel bridge and building structures. He has particular interest in the analysis and design of steel connections, behavior and design of cold-formed steel structures, strengthening and repair of steel structures with fiber-reinforced polymer materials, behavior and design of steel bridge structures, and  analysis and design of temporary falsework systems for bridge construction. The award is presented by the AISI Steel Market Institute steel bridge task force and the American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials for Structural Design.