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college of engineering

NC State metal gateway sculpture silhouetted against the sky

Sep 25, 2023

New Method Helps AI Navigate 3D Space Using 2D Images

The new method builds on existing techniques, making them significantly more accurate. 

photo shows a large window into the stairwell of a building. the glass of the window reflects some light, but allows you to see some of the stairwell.

Sep 21, 2023

Material Would Allow Users to ‘Tune’ Windows to Block Targeted Wavelengths of Light

Users could switch windows to a mode that blocks infrared light, helping keep a building cool while leaving the windows transparent to visible light. 

Zaire Garner receiving his high school diploma. He is dressed in a light blue cap and gown.

Sep 14, 2023

Apprenticeship Inspires Zaire Garner to Study Engineering

Goodnight Scholar Zaire Garner worked as an apprentice machinist, and graduated high school with his associate's degree in science. Now he's ready for everything college has to offer. 

Raven Cummings poses seated on ground outdoors beneath tree. Green shrubbery and grey concrete garden bench are in the background.

Sep 14, 2023

Goodnight Scholar Raven Cummings is Excited to Try New Things

As a rising high school senior, Raven Cummings attended the Native Education Forum at NC State. It helped determine the path she’s on today. 

Jack Bolton poses for a photo wearing a dark blue sweatshirt. The ruins of Stonehenge are in the background.

Sep 14, 2023

Proven Problem Solver Jack Bolton Is Ready to Think and Do

Jack Bolton, an incoming first-year student and Park Scholar from Davidson, N.C., wants to apply his problem-solving mindset in engineering and entrepreneurship. 

plastic fibers and debris float in blue ocean water with fish swimming nearby

Sep 14, 2023

Genetically Modified Bacteria Break Down Plastics in Saltwater

The modified organism breaks down a plastic called PET, which is a significant contributor to microplastic pollution in oceans. 

image shows two long, twisted strands of clear polymer

Sep 8, 2023

‘Brainless’ Robot Can Navigate Complex Obstacles

Researchers who created a soft robot that could navigate simple mazes without computer direction have built on that work, creating a “brainless” robot that can navigate more complex environments. 

photo shows flames in front of a black backdrop

Aug 14, 2023

Nanoscale Material Offers New Way to Control Fire

A molecule-thin protective layer controls how flame’s heat interacts with the underlying material. 

photo shows two rows of cars backed up as far as the eye can see.

Aug 14, 2023

Self-Driving Cars Can Make Traffic Slower

“Connected” vehicles, which share data with each other, improve travel time through intersections – but automated vehicles can actually slow down travel time if they are not connected to each other. 

an old-fashioned rotary phone sits on a table

Aug 8, 2023

A New Weapon in the War on Robocall Scams

The new tool is designed to help regulators, phone carriers and other stakeholders better understand and monitor robocall trends – and take action against related criminal activity. 

Photo showing variety of objects that can be handled by new grippers.

Aug 2, 2023

Robotic Grippers Offer Unprecedented Combo of Strength and Delicacy

Device is flexible enough to handle soft and fragile objects as well as heavier ones. 

NC State metal gateway sculpture silhouetted against the sky

Jul 27, 2023

Researchers Grow High Quality Superconductor, Find Resilience Against Magnetic Fields

Researchers have demonstrated the ability to grow high-quality thin films of a recently discovered superconductor called potassium tantalate. 

illustration lays out the design of the RoboMapper device and how each component works (see article below for details)

Jul 25, 2023

New Robot Boosts Solar Energy Research

The robot conducts experiments more efficiently and sustainably to develop a range of new semiconductor materials. 

silhouette of a person typing on a laptop computer

Jul 25, 2023

Why Computer Security Advice Is More Confusing Than It Should Be

If you find the computer security guidelines you get at work confusing and not very useful, you’re not alone. 

image imagines STEM career pathways as a braided river with many ways of achieving a career in STEMM

Jul 18, 2023

How Do You Create New Career Paths for the STEMM Workforce?

A new AAAS working group focuses on improving access to the STEMM workforce and helping people navigate STEMM careers.