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iPad, What a pretty face you have…

Okay, so just like the rest of you, I have developed my opinions on Apple’s new “revolution,” the iPad. Some bloggers are calling for Apple’s demise while others are praising its genius. Hopefully, for the sake of this chat, we can agree that this is Steve Job’s most polarizing product so far.

The Apple revolution all started with the iPod, which had a clear purpose – to be the most user-friendly mp3 player introduced to the consumer market. I remember being quite memorized when I first got my hands on that touch-sensitive volume/selection wheel. Apple then followed with its new line of notebook computers and the iPhone… each product with a clear purpose and a clear market.

Most of my skepticism of the iPad results from my curiosity in what it’s trying to be. The iPod was a mp3 player, the iMac was a computer and the MacBook is a laptop, but what the hell is a tablet computer, and what niche does it fill that Apple’s previous products haven’t already done a splendid job of occupying?

NC State student Jason Smith takes the new iPad for a test run.
NC State student Jason Smith takes the new iPad for a test run.

With this in mind, I disrobed the gorgeous iPad to be enchanted by its large iPhone-like appearance. Most critics have used this resemblance to attack this product, but hey, since the iPhone looks pretty darn good, the iPad can only be described as a “knockout.” Of course being the “noob” (I was actually called this by one of the other bloggers) to the iPhone-esque interface, the first thing I tried was logging on the the internet to check Facebook, which worked quite nicely – although I did hear that the Facebook app for the iPad has yet to be released.