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Will this be for here or to go?

Following the trend of my fellow bloggers, I’m going to add my two cents about the  iPad’s portability.

I must agree that the iPad does seem a bit slippery. The aluminum backing, although sleek, is very slick to the touch. The screen – just like any other touch screen – is glossy. With that said, the slipperiness of the iPad is not a terrible downfall. It’s easily fixed with a case, which I would recommend in order to protect the screen.

Although there are more economic choices out there, I looked at the case that Apple has made specifically for the iPad. Not only would it eliminate and reverse the slippery feeling, but the Apple case also folds to form an iPad stand, making for easy typing, as the pictures below show.

Some of my fellow bloggers have also commented on the iPad’s size, calling it awkward. I must disagree. Slightly smaller than my average textbook, I think the iPad is a perfect tagalong wherever I go. The pictures below show the iPad placed on top of, and then catty-corner with, one of my medium-sized textbooks. Because of its size, I find it easy to carry the iPad like you would any book. It is small enough to fit in my purse, but it is big enough to carry in my arms without feeling as if it is going to slip awat.

Overall, I think the iPad, which was designed for portable use, is quite portable. A case is a must, but it is smooth sailing from there!

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  1. In response to William: I have been an Apple user for over 20 years. The reason I stick with their products is that I have NEVER had a virus or lost data from a computer crash. One must factor in the very real cost of losing all of your family pictures or work because some creep in another country wrote a worm or Trojan horse so they can reek havoc on unsuspecting PC users. Last year, the entire PC network for Durham Public schools was down for almost a month because of the Conflicker virus. Every computer in the district had to be re-imaged. Lots of lost data and employee work time.

  2. From Top 10 things to do with the iPad once you are stuck with it

    Here are ten things that you can do with your iPad once you realize it was probably better to sink that large chunk of cash into your child’s college fund, pay some past due bills or maybe get a new laptop that actually does more than one thing at a time.

    Serving Tray: You won’t have to worry about running out of serving trays when the holidays come around. No more serving up cheese and crackers on trays from the dollar store. You can serve in style with your Apple iPad. Perhaps you can upload a festive photo so basic appetizers look more appealing.

    Executive Digital Picture Frame: You’re way too cool to have a $75 digital picture frame on your executive sized desk, so upload those charming pictures of your loved ones to the iPad you waited in line all night for. Place it on your desk and revel in the fact that you don’t really know what else to do with it.

    Children’s Toy: When you realize that you’ve just purchased an over-priced iTouch that won’t fit in your pocket, give it to your child. While their toddler friends are still struggling with an outdated Etch-A-Sketch, your kiddo will look like a total snot using their iPad to draw pictures of something unrecognizable.

    Heated Dog Bed: Fido won’t miss out on this kick ass piece of technology when you’re done with it. Put the iPad in the bottom of the dog’s bed and you have a friend for life. Nice, warm bed for doggie and empty wallet for you.

    Colorful Door Mat: Imagine having your guests come by and wipe their feet on an expensive piece of technology. With the touch screen, your friends and relatives can change the design of the mat with a simple swipe of their dirty feet.

    Fling that Tune: Days at the park will never be the same with your iPad frisbee. Upload some rockin’ iTunes and fling that iPad across the park with this modern day frisbee.

    Shield: You can use your iPad as a shield to hide behind when people laugh at you because you now have to carry your laptop AND your iPad with you because it’s NOT A COMPUTER.

    Life Raft: If you see someone who can’t swim, throw ’em your iPad. After all, you’ve already sunk an enormous amount of money into it. Why not save someone who didn’t?

    Portable Ouija Board: Once you’re done spending money uploading useless apps that you probably won’t use next month, find an app for a Ouija Board. You and your friends who stayed up all night sucking down expensive Starbucks coffee can predict the future and cry when you read, “The Apple iPad will be $99 at Walmart next year.”

    Bookshelf: When you finally realize it’s much cooler to read a REAL book, hang a few brackets on the wall. Use that fancy, shmancy iPad as a bookshelf to display books the way they are supposed to be published: in paper.

  3. Oh, and also remember that this “high tech” device has the storage space and memory that actual mini laptops had about five or six years ago. Why pay $500+ (or $700 for the 3G) for something that does so little?

    I don’t even consider its one unique feature (the touch screen) to be a plus, as it is likely to collect smudges and dust. Also, no camera?

    Be smart people. Something like this might be a good idea in the future but this is clearly not worth your money yet. It’s easy to be like “oh this looks cool” without thinking about how impractical it is. It just doesn’t really have a point. Seriously, don’t pay double for half. Apple made a piece of crap and they deserve to pay for it. Don’t buy this.

  4. Steve Jobs could go to the bathroom and start selling iPoop and silly girls would fork out $75 for it. It’s all an image thing with apple. Everything they sell is a million times as expensive as their competitor’s products. For roughly the price of an apple standard macbook you can get a comparable dell laptop, a mini netbook, and a more powerful desktop. Three computers for the price of one apple. It’s insane. I don’t know how they get away with it. Brand name at its finest.

    The iPad simply cannot do anything a netbook cannot do (with exception of touch screen) but it does all this for twice the money. It’s robbery! Imagine typing a paper on this thing. I want a mobile device that lets me have my browser open while I listen to music and chat. This piece of junk does one thing at a time and is heavier with a smaller screen. Also, a mobile device should have a DVD drive for watching movies on the go.

    Why would anyone get this when they can get an actual computer that does more for less and is easier to carry around? Brainwashed by the apple logo, I suppose.

  5. I still don’t get why someone would buy this when they can get an actual computer that does everything the iPad does (minus the touch screen) for half the money. Add on to that, a real computer has ports for your devices, a cd drive, flash support, a bigger screen, a real keyboard for word processing, capable of running more than one application at a time, etc…

    To me it is a no-brainer. The iPad is iRobbery.

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