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Will this be for here or to go?

Following the trend of my fellow bloggers, I’m going to add my two cents about the  iPad’s portability.

I must agree that the iPad does seem a bit slippery. The aluminum backing, although sleek, is very slick to the touch. The screen – just like any other touch screen – is glossy. With that said, the slipperiness of the iPad is not a terrible downfall. It’s easily fixed with a case, which I would recommend in order to protect the screen.

Although there are more economic choices out there, I looked at the case that Apple has made specifically for the iPad. Not only would it eliminate and reverse the slippery feeling, but the Apple case also folds to form an iPad stand, making for easy typing, as the pictures below show.

Some of my fellow bloggers have also commented on the iPad’s size, calling it awkward. I must disagree. Slightly smaller than my average textbook, I think the iPad is a perfect tagalong wherever I go. The pictures below show the iPad placed on top of, and then catty-corner with, one of my medium-sized textbooks. Because of its size, I find it easy to carry the iPad like you would any book. It is small enough to fit in my purse, but it is big enough to carry in my arms without feeling as if it is going to slip awat.

Overall, I think the iPad, which was designed for portable use, is quite portable. A case is a must, but it is smooth sailing from there!