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A “Glide-By” Education

Want to really get to know NC State? Tour our campus via Segway, on the only tour of its kind offered at any N.C.-based university.

“We’re really excited about offering this and it’s a perfect way of getting around and seeing the campus,” Triangle Segway’s Todd Masinter said. “It’s a really nice combination of history, getting all of the wonderful sights in and then having a really unique way of seeing it.”

You’ll have the opportunity to explore every nook and cranny of NC State’s main campus, gliding through the Brickyard and past some of our most famous landmarks while a tour guide shares stories and details that would enlighten even the most red-blooded Wolfpack fan.

“The Segway tour was probably the most exciting thing I’ve ever done on campus,” said Alan Porch, operations manager for NC State University Communications. “You learn things, you hear things, but you don’t get the kind of information that you get on this tour.

“There were things about halls and the founding of the university I had never heard before,” he said. “It was an amazing time; riding a Segway while learning all about campus is probably the best way to do it.”