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Music in His Method

A new licensing agreement with Discovery Education will bring the music and methods of Dr. Lodge McCammon within reach of a million teachers around the world.

McCammon, a curriculum and contemporary media specialist in the Friday Institute for Education Innovation, brings 21st century tools into the classroom. He’s a proponent of making classroom videos and posting them online to get kids involved in learning–part of an approach he calls FIZZ.

“We’re inspiring teachers to use technology in the classroom in a practical and functional way,” he says.

Hum a Few Bars

A composer and musician, McCammon writes songs for tough lessons. Need to learn about ocean zones? Adding negative numbers? The Bill of Rights? He’s got a song for that. And soon even more teachers and their students will be humming along.

Under the licensing agreement with Discovery Education, about three dozen of McCammon’s songs will be featured in the digital content library, called Discovery Streaming.

“This is a fantastic partnership for NC State and The Friday Institute for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the enormous global community of teachers that Discovery Education has—over 1 million teachers worldwide who use their digital materials for instruction regularly,” McCammon says.

Discovery Education, sister organization to the Discovery Channel, has also contracted McCammon to instruct its group of tech-savvy teachers—the Discovery Educator Network—about how to incorporate FIZZ in the classroom.

McCammon will speak at national events and meet with large groups of teachers across the country to inspire them with lesson simulations that show them what a day at school with FIZZ would be like.

Wait, here’s a video that explains it all.