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NC State Experts Can Discuss K-12 Back-to-School Topics

Students and teachers across North Carolina are preparing to fill up K-12 classrooms. Experts from North Carolina State University’s College of Education are available to discuss various issues related to the start of a new school year – from tutoring to time management to counselor services.

Braska Williams, coordinator of the North Carolina Mathematics and Science Education Network Pre-College Program, 919/513-8534 or, is an expert on study skills, tutoring and the benefits of after-school programs.

Dr. Angela Wiseman, assistant professor of elementary education, 919/513-0920 or, can discuss tutoring, literacy and diversity in the classroom. Wiseman is also a former elementary school teacher and reading specialist.

Dr. Karen Hollebrands, associate professor of math education, 919/513-0505 or, is an expert on preparing teachers to incorporate technology in the classroom.

Dr. Shawn Holmes, assistant professor of science education, 919/515-6920 or, is a former high school biology teacher and can discuss digital technologies – such as educational video games – in the classroom.

Dr. Tom Alsbury, associate professor and educational leadership program coordinator, 919/ 513-4321 or, can discuss school leadership, superintendency, school boards, district consolidation and school reform.

Dr. Bonnie Fusarelli, associate professor of educational leadership and policy, 919/ 515-6359 or, is an expert on rural educational and leadership and urban school reform.

Dr. Michael Maher, director of professional education, 919/ 515-5524 or, is an expert on teacher preparation, teaching licensure and education programs.

Dr. Sylvia Nassar-McMillan, associate professor of counselor education, 919/515-6363 or, is a licensed counselor who is experienced in assessing issues related to career, gender and ethnic identity development, as well as overall psychological well-being.