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SBP: July 21 – 24 Hour C-Store

Last week University Dining announced on their Facebook page that the Bragaw C-store will be open 24 hours a day starting August 15th. This is something that students have asked for a long time, and I’m glad that we will have a C-store on campus open for all hours of the day and night!

Late-night dining is necessary for many students on campus who operate and study at late hours. Student Government is working hard with University Dining to make the 4th meal a reality in Fall 2012.

I am also excited with the improvements University Dining made for students in August! The Atrium previously closed at 3 pm and will now be open until 10:00 (except on Fridays), and meal equivalencies are higher than they used to be. I’m excited to see the new seating area when the Atrium is open in August, and I’m so glad that the bubble is not in the Brickyard anymore.


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