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SBP August 12: Transportation Updates

There are more ways to get around campus than driving a car or walking. You can rent a WolfWheels bike or ride the Wolfline! This fall, there are some changes and additions to the Wolfline routes (including a new route that stops at my favorite building on campus, the Park Alumni Center). Full service Wolfline begins on August 16th. Need a quick way to get to Centennial Campus or Connect to Main campus? Do you live at Campus Edge, Walnut Creek or Woodland Court? Then the new Rt. 10 Southside Circulator is for you!

New Wolfline Routes:

Rt. 10 Southside Circulator – Wolfline’s new bus route which circulates through Centennial Campus and provide a direct Centennial Campus connection from surrounding neighborhoods.

Rt. 10 operates during peak service hours from 7 a.m. – 11 a.m. (every 16 minutes) and 3 – 6 p.m. (every 16 minutes) with stops at Research I, College of Textiles, intersection of Achievement Drive/Main Campus Drive, Lonnie Poole Golf Course, The William & Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and Centennial Middle School. It circulates through Centennial Campus and provides a direct Centennial Campus connection from surrounding neighborhoods; i.e., Thistledown Drive, a portion of Gorman Street (between Thistledown Drive and Avent Ferry Road) and Avent Ferry Road (between Gorman Street and Varsity Drive). Transfers can be made to other Wolfline and CAT routes.

Rt. 3A Centennial Express
* 15 minute frequency.
* No service to Oval Drive.
* Major bus stop at Partners Way (a shelter is planned for this stop).
* Main campus access via Dunn Avenue/Jeter Avenue.
* Stops at College of Textiles (Research Drive) and Partners Way.

* Rt. 2 Hillsborough Street Shuttle now serves E.S. King Village.
* Rt. 2 daytime service frequency – every 15 minutes; evening until 2:51 a.m. – every 30 minutes.
* Rt. 2 now has a stop on Western Boulevard and Pullen Road (Pullen Park side) at night.
* Rt. 4 Westgrove – extended hours until 8 p.m.
* Rt. 7 Wolflink Shuttle – more buses.
* Rt. 8 Southeast Loop does not serve/stop on Cates Avenue.
* Rt. 11 service frequency – every 30 minutes.
* Rt. 11 Village Link – Wolf Village/E.S. King Village (Jackson Street) to Centennial Campus.
* Rt. 11 Village Link does not serve/stop on Ligon Street.

For complete Wolfline information and to download schedules, please visit Don’t forget to pick up your Go Pass in the NCSU Transportation Office, 2721 Sullivan Dr., to travel around the Triangle for free. The pass allows you to ride CAT and TTA busses at no charge!

Also, have you heard about the student carpool option ? It might be the solution for you and a friend or roommate! It allows parking in multiple locations on campus.

Find your real-time bus location at (This is a great way to access information from your cellphone)

If you ever have ideas or suggestions to improve Wolfline routes or transportation on campus, email Josh Privette, Transportation Commission Chair in Student Government.

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