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Beichner Honored as Digital Education Pioneer

Physics professor Robert Beichner has been honored with a 2011 Harold W. McGraw Jr. Prize in Education for his contributions as a digital education pioneer.

Beichner, one of three winners of a $50,000 award, was recognized for changing how students learn in science classrooms at more than 100 universities that use his SCALE-UP approach.

Dr. Robert Beichner with students
Dr. Robert Beichner was honored for creating SCALE-UP, an innovative approach used in science classrooms at more than 100 universities.

SCALE-UP, short for Student-Centered Activities for Large Enrollment Undergraduate Programs, incorporates digital technology with active discussion and hands-on learning.

Beichner, who also directs NC State’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education Initiative spoke this week at the New York Times Schools for Tomorrow conference about the role of technology in transforming education. He is also contributing to a McGraw-Hill white paper about unheralded benefits of educational technology.

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