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NC State Counts Down to G-Day

G-Day is coming soon. That’s the message from the Office of Information Technology (OIT), which is leading the effort to unify faculty and staff on a single system for email, calendars and other frequently used applications. If you guessed that the G in G-Day stands for Google, you’re absolutely right.

Ever since students moved to Google Apps last fall, OIT has been planning to bring faculty and staff into  the same system. They ramped up the effort over the past few months, sending out email updates and conducting information sessions to prepare campus for the transition

On G-Day all current email and associated folders, GroupWise auto-archives, calendar entries, personal and global address books—with the exception of frequent contacts—will be migrated to Google Apps.

By consolidating and centralizing business resources, the university will save money while offering campus a wider range of easy-to-use tools and more opportunities to collaborate with colleagues on and off campus.

G-Day is set to occur sometime in late fall or early spring. Unity/Webmail users were successfully migrated earlier this year.

For more information, visit the G-Day website. For specific questions or concerns, contact the Help Desk at 515-4357 or email