Stories From 2013

Nov 12, 2013

More Awards for Chancellor’s Residence

Inside and out, NC State’s 2-year-old chancellor’s residence, the Point, is earning rave reviews for its design.

Nov 12, 2013

5 Questions With the Chancellor

Chancellor Randy Woodson talks with the Bulletin about the challenges confronting public universities as he steps into one of the top leadership roles in higher education.

Nov 12, 2013

NC State Chancellor Woodson Named Chairman of APLU Board

NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson has been named to the top board post in the nation’s oldest higher education association, beginning a one-year term as chairman of the board of directors for the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU). […]

Nov 8, 2013

Nothing to See Here

“Blend in” appears to be the mantra for male Bahamas mosquitofish that live near predators. After all, fish with brighter, more colorful fins or patches are more conspicuous – and standing out with predators around could be a death sentence. […]

Nov 7, 2013

First in the Future of Flight

NC State researchers hope Vireo, an unmanned aviation vehicle barely larger than a football, will make big contributions to agriculture, law enforcement and first responders. Join us for a test flight.

Nov 7, 2013

Designing an Interactive Glimpse Into the Past

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by David Hill, an associate professor of architecture at NC State, about the unveiling of a digital humanities project to create three-dimensional visual and acoustic models of the courtyard of St. Paul’s Cathedral […]

Nov 7, 2013

Cupcakes on the Brickyard

Students sold cupcake creations, decorated to fit the 2013 homecoming theme "Red, White and Wolfpack," to benefit the Kay Yow Foundation. Check out photos from the Brickyard event.

Nov 7, 2013

Fulbrights Meet on Food Security

Fulbright Scholars from around the world gathered at NC State this week for the Global Food Security Seminar.

Nov 7, 2013

Centennial Wows Campus Visitors

It's fun to host a conference when you have such impressive facilities to show off. That's the lesson University Housing learned when it brought 300 resident advisers to Centennial Campus last month.

Nov 7, 2013

Tackling the Barriers Between Health Professionals and Spanish-Speaking Communities

Communication is essential to doctors, nurses, and other health professionals, but language and cultural barriers prevent many people in the U.S. from communicating effectively with their health care providers. But language scholars in North Carolina are trying to improve the […]