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Peeping Suspect Arrested

Update: Police took an NC State student into custody Tuesday morning. He is being charged with two counts of secret peeping.

University police released a photo of a suspect in two peeping cases that occurred on campus Monday afternoon. Police urge anyone with information regarding the identity of the person in the photo to call them at 515-3000 or to contact the Investigations Division directly at 515-2498.

Suspect_13P1515and6_twoIn a crime alert issued Monday, police said they received two reports about a half-hour apart of a man following women into the women’s restrooms in the 1911 Building and Ricks Hall and looking over the bathroom stalls at them. The victims in both incidents gave similar descriptions of the man and police subsequently identified a suspect by reviewing video footage from security cameras.

Police also issued the following safety tips for the campus community:

  • Walk in well lighted areas
  • Walk in groups whenever possible, especially at night
  • Avoid distractions while walking, such as listening to headphones or texting
  • Consider utilizing public transportation or the safety escort at 919-515-3000
  • Report suspicious activities or crimes on campus by calling 911 or 919-515-3000