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Goodnight Scholars Selected

Program announces class of 2024 and transfer class of 2023.

NC State Memorial Belltower

The Goodnight Scholars Program at NC State revealed the 70 recipients from 34 North Carolina counties selected for its traditional and transfer cohorts.

Of the 70 recipients, 50 were chosen for the class of 2024 out of 850 high school candidates from across North Carolina; 20 were chosen for the transfer class of 2023 out of 297 community college candidates. Recipients participated in a thorough selection process over the spring semester, which included an application and interview with NC State faculty, staff, alumni, and industry representatives from SAS Institute and the Kenan Fellows Program.

The Goodnight Scholarship is valued at $20,500 per year for up to four years ($82,000) for traditional students and three years ($61,500) for transfer students. Both cohorts receive access to a comprehensive student development program that includes weekly programming, exclusive travel opportunities and enrichment grant funding.

The class of 2024 and transfer class of 2023 demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in their respective high school and community college careers including stellar academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, community engagement, and inspiring goals for success in the STEM and STEM education fields. Both cohorts feature students with impressive accolades including Science Olympiad winners and national robotics champions, along with participation in NASA’s National Community College Aerospace Scholars, STEM Academy, and the Governor’s School of North Carolina.

Click here to view the recipients’ bios.

“After a challenging spring semester, we are delighted to recognize the incoming class of 2024 and transfer class of 2023,” said Allison Medlin, director of the Goodnight Scholars Program. “The 70 students in these cohorts have demonstrated outstanding academic performance, an affinity for STEM, and a commitment to service and leadership. We could not be more thrilled for them to join our community this fall.”

The Goodnight Scholars Program was established in 2008 by NC State alumni Dr. Jim Goodnight ’65 and Mrs. Ann Goodnight ’68 with the goal of providing financial assistance to North Carolina students from low- and middle-income families who wish to pursue STEM or STEM education at NC State. In 2017, the scholarship expanded to include transfer students from North Carolina community colleges who planned to enroll at NC State in the fall after receiving an associate degree. The Goodnight Scholars Program is the largest full-tuition scholarship program at NC State with 255 undergraduate students enrolled per year.