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Wolfpack Outfitters Debuts Licensed NC State Face Masks

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Student Emergency Fund.

three NC State face masks

As face masks become the norm, requests for NC State styles have been pouring in from fans. To that end, Wolfpack Outfitters — the official NC State store — has debuted a line of licensed NC State face masks.

“As the first retailer to market with officially licensed NC State face coverings, we are now accepting pre-orders for two versions of the mask — a reusable three-pack for $14.99 and a disposable six-pack for $15.99, with expected shipping in late June,” says Jeff Halliburton, senior director for auxiliary services at NC State.

six NC State face coverings
A six-pack of disposable face masks costs $15.99.

The sale of officially licensed NC State merchandise always supports student scholarships. Additionally, Wolfpack Outfitters will contribute $5 from each licensed multipack to the NC State Student Emergency Fund.

“Our recent ‘BIG SALE’ allowed us to contribute $3,000 to the fund,” says Halliburton, “and we’re hoping that our mask sales will allow us to contribute many times that amount.”

Customers can place orders through the following links:

When shopping for NC State branded products, always ensure that you are purchasing from an officially licensed retailer to ensure proceeds are returned to the university for scholarships and student programming.

This post was originally published by Campus Enterprises.

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  1. Ordered masks a month ago. Have not received them. When can I expect? Or, is this a scam ordering site! Send me a message on status of order.

  2. I ordered the “3 Pack” several months ago and have not received yet. Was told last week in June. When is delivery
    expected ?

  3. HELLO Received my order. I ordered two packs and two are sewn upside down. PLEASE fix. Its not OK to wear it that way. Refund, remake, reissue?

  4. This is all wonderful, however, to have polyester is bad- it tends to harbor more germs due to sweat and with increasing temperatures as summer is pretty much here, I’d reconsider changing to all 100% cotton and triple layered. Also, consider selling a 7-10 pack – one for each day so they can wear a new one daily and carry extra with them, in case they lose one or it gets wet and needs a change during the day.
    On a similar note, earlier in April, NC State had “donated almost 5,000 meters of its newly developed filtration material to Fort Bragg to create much-needed face masks.”
    I am curious why this non woven material was not used, which they created a filtration almost similar to protection what an n95 mask can provide and even can be washed!
    I am a Wolfpack Parent 2021 and a health care worker/physician. When you have these awesome resources, I think it would be great to use these materials within NCSU’s own community also(i.e., students and parents alike). My daughter is returning to NC this week and will be bringing her masks supply. I am hoping that you will consider changing the material you use for the masks for improved safety and quality. Please take the time to read the full details in the previous news featured in your News section(see below for titles)
    Thank you. Amarjit Kaur (Wilkinson)
    #1. A Necessary Filter: Nonwovens Institute Steps Up to Combat COVID-19
    Nonwovens Institute ramps up to create mask filters and masks for health care workers on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak.
    April 2, 2020 Mick Kulikowski

    #2. Nonwovens Institute Donates Filtration Material to Army in Fight Against COVID-19
    April 17, 2020

  5. Big THANKS to Wolfpack Outfitters! Your support of the Student Emergency Fund is making a real difference for so many of our students during this time. On behalf of the thousands of students who have received emergency grants, THANK YOU for finding a way for all of us to give back!
    Mike Giancola, Assistant Vice Provost & Student Ombuds

  6. Are they all one size? I ordered some from a local textile plant that were too big and gaped around my nose. Washing/drying them did not help. I am small framed so just concerned about the sizing.