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NC State news is shared far and wide. Below are just some of our recent appearances in local, regional, national and international media publications.

Nov 16, 2022 The Coastland Times

You Decide: Is manufacturing making a comeback?

I came to Raleigh and joined the North Carolina State University faculty in 1978. Then, manufacturing dominated the North Carolina economy. Manufacturing production accounted for almost a third of total economic output in the state, and 30% of the workforce had jobs in manufacturing. No other sector of the state economy came close to these… 

Nov 16, 2022 WCCB

Two Local Turkeys To Get Presidential Pardon

North Carolina State University announced Tuesday its College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will be the home of the official National Thanksgiving Turkey and its alternate following next week’s ceremony. This is the first time the University has served as the home of the National Thanksgiving Turkey. After the ceremony, the two turkeys will go… 

Nov 15, 2022

Carnivore gut microbes offer insight into health of wild ecosystems

“Specifically, we found that wild marten in relatively undisturbed environments have more carnivorous diets than martens in human-affected areas,” says Erin McKenney, co-lead author of a paper on the work and an assistant professor of applied ecology at North Carolina State University. Marten are small mammals, related to weasels, ferrets and mink. 

Nov 15, 2022 Fortune

These are the 4 best foods for your brain, and 4 you should avoid

The brain is a complicated organ and different foods have different impacts, explains Mary Ann Lila, director of the Plants for Human Health Institute at North Carolina State University. Some foods—hello, colorful vegetables, healthy fats, and proteins—can actually build brain tissue and reduce inflammation, while others have the opposite effect. 

Nov 15, 2022 Yahoo! Finance

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies Expands Strategic Partnership with NC State

With the Holly Springs site set to open by 2025, landscape architecture and environmental planning experts at NC State are collaborating with FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies on sustainable site development plans to achieve carbon neutrality. The future site design targets 100% clean energy utilization, implementation of cutting-edge waste disposal and recycling, among other sustainability plans. 

Nov 15, 2022 National Hog Farmer

Model aims to identify vehicles that may play super-spreader role

Work being conducted by Gustavo Machado and colleagues at North Carolina State University seeks to determine between-farm contact networks formed by different vehicle movements. The team has developed a novel model to reconstruct vehicle movement networks. Ongoing work will identify the vehicles that create more connections among the farms and consequently may play a role… 

Nov 14, 2022 House Digest

15 Flowering Shrubs That Will Make Your Yard Smell Amazing

White forsythia, better known as Abeliophyllum distichum, is a great choice if you are interested in spring blooms that are also fragrant. This particular shrub is mildly scented with its blooms smelling of honey and almond. This particular shrub is drought tolerant and also quite adaptable to different soils. Consider planting white forsythia in groups,… 

Nov 14, 2022 WRAL

Overdose calls in Raleigh top more than 500 so far this year but fatal ODs are down, data shows

“At this point, we have all been touched by overdose,” said Dr. Jennifer Carroll, a medical anthropologist at NC State University and harm reductionist. “It’s something that none of us have been able to escape among our families, friends and communities. Every single death is a life that is lost.” “I find it more helpful to… 

Nov 14, 2022 MSN

These are the 4 best foods for your brain, and 4 you should avoid

The brain is a complicated organ and different foods have different impacts, explains Mary Ann Lila, director of the Plants for Human Health Institute at North Carolina State University. Some foods—hello, colorful vegetables, healthy fats and proteins—can actually build brain tissue and reduce inflammation while others have the opposite effect. 

Nov 11, 2022 Newsweek

Bichon Frise Filmed Snoring Away Tucked Up in Owner’s Bed: ‘Ruff Morning’

While Queenie may be treated like royalty at home, her sleep patterns are in line with what most healthy dogs experience, according to a canine sleep study conducted by researchers from North Carolina State University. The 2018 survey of 42 healthy adult dogs identified that most canines have two activity peaks throughout the day with the… 

Nov 11, 2022 Triangle Business Journal

NC State receives $25M award from John M. Belk Endowment to enhance community colleges

North Carolina State University has landed a major investment to support its center focused on improving the state’s community colleges. 

Nov 11, 2022 CBS 17

Oh, deer! Triangle researchers looking into impact of development on deer population, movement

As the Triangle expands with more development, researchers at North Carolina State University want to know how white-tailed deer move through the growing suburban area. 

Nov 11, 2022 New York Magazine

The 11 Best STEM Toys for Kids, According to Experts

As there are seemingly endless cool options to choose from, we asked Phillips as well as Dr. Carla Johnson, a professor of science education at NC State University and the president of STEM Innovations, and Yesim Kunter, a play expert and futurist who has done stints at LEGO and Hasbro, for their recommendations on STEM toys to encourage… 

Nov 10, 2022 WNCT

Midterms lead to mixed bag of results

“The Republicans were really hoping to get a supermajority such that any legislation they pass, they would have the votes that kind of automatically to be able to override Governor Roy Cooper’s vetoes,” said Steven Greene, professor of political science at North Carolina State University. “And they got that supermajority in the Senate, but not… 

Nov 10, 2022 Philanthropy News Digest

NC State receives $25 million commitment to bolster Belk Center

North Carolina State University has announced a 10-year, $25 million investment from the John M. Belk Endowment in support of the Belk Center for Community College Leadership and Research. Part of NC State’s College of Education, the Belk Center was established in 2018 to develop and sustain exceptional community college leaders committed to equitable college access and student success, the social…