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NC State news is shared far and wide. Below are just some of our recent appearances in local, regional, national and international media publications.

Apr 9, 2024 News & Observer

Raleigh hit 2 new tree pollen highs this year. Here’s how climate change factors in.

Robert Bardon, the assistant dean of Extension at N.C. State’s College of Natural Resources, said a mixture of warm temperatures, high winds and humid conditions in the midst of pollen season all came together to generate this week’s record-high pollen levels. 

Apr 8, 2024 Idaho Mountain Express

How to not feel older when you’re stressed

However, up until now, there has been little research on the amount of stress younger adults are experiencing compared to what previous generations experienced when they were young, says Shevaun Newport, professor of psychology at North Carolina State University. 

Apr 8, 2024 Newsweek

Solar Eclipse Impact on Pets Revealed

“In the annual eclipse, people closer to the path were more likely to think that their dogs had a reaction. What was interesting was that 1/2 thought that their dogs became quieter, and the other 1/2 said that they started howling or barking,” Adam Hartstone-Rose, a researcher at North Carolina State University and co-author of… 

Apr 8, 2024 NYT

Is Milk Safe to Drink? What to Know About Bird Flu and Food Safety

So far, there isn’t any evidence to suggest that humans can contract bird flu by consuming food that has been pasteurized or cooked, said Benjamin Chapman, a professor and food safety specialist at North Carolina State University. “That’s not to say it couldn’t happen,” he said. “It’s just that we have a pretty robust history… 

Apr 8, 2024 Gizmodo

A Toxic Grass Is Spreading in the U.S., Threatening Livestock

Matt Poore, a professor of animal science at North Carolina State University, chairs the Alliance for Grassland Renewal, a national organization dedicated to eradicating toxic fescue. Yet Poore, who also raises cattle, has only converted 30 percent of his fields, preferring to do it slowly. “The fear of failure is a big deal,” he said.… 

Apr 8, 2024 Forbes

Here’s How To Keep Your Eyes, Children And Pets Safe During The Total Solar Eclipse

“Pets will be fine,” said North Carolina State University biologist Adam Hartstone-Rose. “Unlike some foolish humans, animals know better than to look at the sun.” 

Apr 5, 2024 WRKR

A New Color Could Be Added to Michigan Traffic Lights

We all know that red means stop, yellow means caution, and green means go.  But, what would a white light indicate on a traffic light?  The white light would be for autonomous vehicles (AVs.)  They call it the “White Phase” which is supposed to improve the flow of traffic by giving control to AVs according to Ali Hajbabaie an… 

Apr 5, 2024 ABC11

NC State leading research in rare study on animal response to solar eclipse

Dr. Adam Hartstone-Rose is a Professor of Biological Sciences at NCSU leading the study. During the 2017 eclipse, Hartstone-Rose was at the University of South Carolina and conducted a study watching 17 different species at a zoo in the path of totality. His findings in 2017 were groundbreaking since the only broad study of animal… 

Apr 5, 2024 Psychology Today

Strategies to Resist Yo-Yo Dieting Culture

The problem is that fast weight loss is not sustainable and perpetuates yo-yo dieting. Yo-yo dieting (or weight cycling, as it’s technically termed) is a process of losing and unintentionally regaining anywhere from 10 to 50 or more pounds repeatedly. Yo-yo dieting is super-common among both women and men and culturally encouraged: think losing weight… 

Apr 5, 2024 MSN

Researchers explain what you know about racial inequities in health care can hurt you

At issue is the fact that Black people are less able to access health care in the United States than white people. This inequity is well established, but less is known about how awareness of this inequity affects the way people view their own health. “We wanted to get a deeper understanding of how awareness—or… 

Apr 4, 2024 The New York Times

Anxiety, Bedtime and Mating: How Animals May React to the Eclipse

Dr. Shumaker is as curious as anyone to see what the animals will do, and in 2017, Adam Hartstone-Rose, now a professor of biological sciences at North Carolina State University, tried to get some answers. Before that total solar eclipse crossed the United States, he launched a formal study of animals at the Riverbanks Zoo… 

Apr 4, 2024 The New York Times

Welcome to Raleigh, the New Epicenter of College Basketball

For decades, Sammy’s Tap & Grill, a sports bar for fans of North Carolina State University, had a glaring problem: The school’s basketball teams did not win all that much. David Harris, one of the owners, would concoct creative specials in hopes of drawing customers on game days, but it didn’t matter. Few ever came.… 

Apr 4, 2024 CBS17

Inside NC State’s Belltower, a celebratory and sacred site

For the last several weeks, many have spotted the 115-foot granite tower on Hillsborough Street often glowing red. “We win a game, it lights up red, and we all just come together,” said NC State student Dawson Westmorelane. The junior said he recently celebrated the Wolfpack’s victory against Duke over the weekend. He and hundreds of others rushed… 

Apr 4, 2024 The News and Observer

New construction underway at UNC System campuses, with more buildings in the works

A major project already underway on the NC State University campus in Raleigh is the Integrative Sciences Building, a new STEM building for teaching and research. It is already under construction and has a livestream of the work. It will cost $187 million, with about half each funded by the state and the university. Renovations are… 

Apr 3, 2024 CBS 17

NC State student organizes event to benefit brain health after grandfather’s struggle

 North Carolina State University junior Charlotte Fullbright remembers her grandfather for his smile and his optimism, despite a stroke that left him partially paralyzed and struggling to speak. “He really had limited speech and limited mobility my entire life, but he was still one of the most inspirational, kind, positive people I’ve ever met,” she…