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NC State news is shared far and wide. Below are just some of our recent appearances in local, regional, national and international media publications.

Nov 11, 2020 TODAY

Romaine lettuce recalled after possible E. coli contamination

While the report didn’t give any clear reason on why romaine lettuce was involved in so many E. coli outbreaks, Benjamin Chapman, a professor and food safety specialist at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, who was not involved with the report, told NBC News at the time that one of the biggest problems is… 

Nov 10, 2020

Researchers identify new Rickettsia species in dogs

Researchers at North Carolina State University have identified a new species of Rickettsia bacteria that may cause significant disease in dogs and humans. This new yet unnamed species, initially identified in three dogs, is part of the spotted-fever group Rickettsia which includes Rickettsia rickettsii, the bacteria that cause Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF). 

Nov 10, 2020 WRAL Tech Wire

Gray wolves debate: Should they be removed from endangered species list?

A plan to remove the gray wolf from the endangered species list in the United States has garnered widespread criticism from environmentalists. Wildlife experts at NC State’s College of Natural Resources say the species has made an impressive recovery and no longer needs federal protection to avoid extinction. However, one expert noted delisting could hinder recovery… 

Nov 10, 2020 WRAL

NC ready to distribute coronavirus vaccine

Julie Swann, a professor of industrial and systems engineering at North Carolina State University, who advised the CDC during the H1N1 response, said she believes North Carolina will have all of the necessary logistics in place for mass distribution of a coronavirus vaccine as soon as one if approved. 

Nov 10, 2020 The New York Times

The Human Ingenuity That Gave Us Nice Threads

That’s a shame. A truly personal take, as Stephen Yafa offered when he delved into the history of his hometown, Lowell, Mass., America’s first cotton manufacturing center, for his engaging “Cotton: The Biography of a Revolutionary Fiber” (2005), could pull more readers in and turn “The Fabric of Civilization” from an exercise in imparting information… 

Nov 10, 2020 Futurity

Dogs are Testing Positive for New Tick-Borne Bateria

“Often, antibodies from other spotted fever group Rickettsia will cross-react in antibody tests for RMSF,” says Barbara Qurollo, associate research professor at North Carolina State University and corresponding author of a paper describing the work. “So to be sure what we’re dealing with, we also look at the genetic information via PCR and that’s how we found… 

Nov 9, 2020 The Washington Post

Scattered and silenced by the pandemic, choral groups are trying to find their voice

The composer’s latest project, “Brickyard Broadcast,” digs even deeper into this digital turf. Commissioned by North Carolina State University and premiering Nov. 12, it’s an immersive sound environment staged in a virtual-reality version of the campus commons. 

Nov 9, 2020 Big News Network

Benefits of placing nutrition labels on the front of packages

Researchers from Illinois State University, North Carolina State University, University of South Carolina, and University of Maryland published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that examines the impact of moving nutrition labels, typically placed on the back of product packages, to the front. 

Nov 9, 2020 WRAL

Political professor: Divided nation has come together before in tough times

“There is no doubt the country is heavily divided,” said Andrew Taylor, political science professor at North Carolina State University. “There is no doubt the country is heavily divided,” said Andrew Taylor, political science professor at North Carolina State University. Taylor said the United States has seen similar times before. The 2000 election between Republican… 

Nov 9, 2020 Triad Business Journal

FDA grants emergency use authorization for HanesBrands mask for healthcare providers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization for a proprietary mask developed by HanesBrands along with researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University for use by health care providers as personal protective equipment, the apparel company announced on Thursday. 

Nov 9, 2020 The New York Times

What Makes Sand Soft?

Karen Daniels, a physicist at North Carolina State University who studies sand and other granular materials — a field actually called “soft matter” — told me that sand is challenging in part because the grains have so many different properties, like size, shape, roughness and more: “One reason we don’t have a general theory is… 

Nov 6, 2020 National Hog Farmer

Prepare your facilities for colder weather

As I write this article, North Carolina is just starting to have cooler overnight temperatures and we had our first “freeze warning” a couple days ago. Walking through the research barn I noticed the pigs a little more huddled up than usual, and the hallways were chilly. All these factors lead me to thinking “have we prepared our barn… 

Nov 6, 2020 Daily Mail

Cyborg cockroaches designed to complete tasks inside your HOME can carry objects across the room, transform into a display and draw objects on paper

In November 2014, researchers at North Carolina State University fitted cockroaches with electrical backpacks complete with tiny microphones capable of detecting faint sounds. The idea is that cyborg cockroaches, or ‘biobots’, could enter crumpled buildings hit by earthquakes, for example, and help emergency workers find survivors. ‘In a collapsed building, sound is the best way to… 

Nov 6, 2020 Innovation in Textiles

HanesBrands’ surgical face mask authorised by US FDA

HanesBrands has announced that a proprietary surgical face mask developed in conjunction with North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and UNC Health has been authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) for use by health care professionals as personal protective equipment. 

Nov 6, 2020 Transportation Today

Funds to aid North Carolina transportation safety, efficiency initiative

NCDOT officials indicated the agency would use the funding allotment to partner with North Carolina State University (NCSU) and the City of Raleigh regarding a pilot program evaluating the impact of connected vehicles on driver and pedestrian safety.