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woman in hunting attire stands with rifle

Jan 12, 2021

Study Finds NRA Stakeholders Conflicted in Wake of Shootings

NRA employees and donors had the highest levels of both positive and negative feelings about the NRA. 

illustration of chatbot interaction

Dec 15, 2020

Study IDs Four Things That Make People Feel Good About Using Chatbots

The study also found that a positive chatbot experience was associated with customer loyalty. 

people looking at their smartphones

Dec 10, 2020

Study Finds Strong Links Between Trust and Social Media Use

The study also looked at what contributed to user trust in Facebook. 

tablet and cell phone on a table

Dec 7, 2020

Study Highlights What Makes COVID Misinformation So Tough to Stop on Social Media

One culprit? A false sense of superiority. 

hands typing

Oct 5, 2020

Caring For Others Is a Key Driver in Getting People to Use Chatbots for Mental Health

A new study assessed what would motivate people to use chatbots for mental health services in the wake of a mass shooting. 

steak sandwich

Oct 1, 2020

How Steak-umm Became a Social Media Phenomenon During the Pandemic

How a brand of frozen meat products took social media by storm (and why that matters). 

hand on a keyboard

Sep 9, 2020

As Collegiate Esports Become More Professional, Women Are Being Left Out

A new study finds women are being sidelined in collegiate esports. 

Bandwidth sponsors Bee Downtown's community apiary on Centennial Campus, home to 15,000 honey bees.

Aug 25, 2020

NC State Partner Bandwidth Helps Students Move From College to Careers

Bandwidth, based on NC State's Centennial Campus, will expand its headquarters and create 1,100 new jobs and $100 million in capital investment over the next eight years. 

hands typing in silhouette

May 20, 2020

How Social Media Platforms Can Contribute to Dehumanizing Other People

A recent study highlights how social media can be used to normalize hate speech and dehumanize entire groups. 

paper with fake news typed on it

Apr 8, 2020

‘Fake News’ Increases Consumer Demands for Corporate Action

Study finds “fake news” inspires consumers to demand corrective action from companies. 

united airlines plane taking off

Feb 12, 2020

Study Highlights Complexity of Public Responses to Corporate Crises

A new tool helps organizations respond to stakeholder concerns in the event of a crisis. 

Sign that reads: info leads to strategy

Jan 3, 2020

Research Offers New Way to Assess an Organization’s Public Relations

New tool allows organizations to better measure and describe its relationships with stakeholders. 

women looking at smartphone

Oct 16, 2019

Study Finds Brands Are Resilient Against ‘Fake News’ on Social Media

“Fake news” stories targeting corporations may be obnoxious, but a new study finds that they likely pose little threat to well-established brands. 

Apr 10, 2018

How Mediation Training Could Promote Student Resilience, Well-Being

Universities are searching for ways to help their students. Mediating training may be part of the answer. 

Feb 20, 2018

Study: Corporations Can Benefit from Altruism During a Crisis

Research finds that altruism – and social media – can help corporations cultivate trust with consumers on mobile devices during and after natural disasters, such as hurricanes.