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Sep 22, 2009

Astronaut Scholarship Awarded to NC State Senior

North Carolina State University senior Brittany Boudreaux has been awarded a $10,000 scholarship from the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF). The scholarship will be presented to Boudreaux by Apollo 16 astronaut and moonwalker Charlie Duke during a free public ceremony to be held on Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 12:30 p.m. in 210 Park Shops on the… 

Sep 16, 2009

Engineers Produce ‘How-To’ Guide for Controlling the Structure of Nanoparticles

Tiny objects known as nanoparticles are often heralded as holding great potential for future applications in electronics, medicine and other areas. The properties of nanoparticles depend on their size and structure. Now researchers from North Carolina State University have learned how to consistently create hollow, solid and amorphous nanoparticles of nickel phosphide, which has potential… 

Sep 3, 2009

NC State Receives NSF Grant to Discover Plant “Switchboards”

Lignin is the “glue” that holds trees together. It’s good if you need lumber for construction – bad if you’re trying to make biofuels. Researchers at North Carolina State University will trigger the genetic “on/off switches” in more than 10,000 trees to determine how each of the 33 lignin-producing genes impact the type and amount… 

Aug 26, 2009

This Idea Doesn’t Stink: New Tech Cuts Industrial Odors, Pollutants

A North Carolina State University researcher has devised a new technology that really does not stink. In fact, it could be the key to eliminating foul odors and air pollutants emitted by industrial chicken rendering facilities and – ultimately – large-scale swine feedlots. Dr. Praveen Kolar, assistant professor of biological and agricultural engineering at NC State,… 

Jul 13, 2009

NC State Engineer Wins Presidential Award for Excellence

The White House has announced that Dr. Laura Bottomley, director of K-12 Engineering Outreach Programs at North Carolina State University, has won a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring. The awards honor the crucial role that mentoring plays in the academic and personal development of students studying science or engineering and… 

Jul 8, 2009

NC State Researchers Receive $1.3 Million to Study Advanced Battery Technology

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded $1.3 million to faculty in North Carolina State University’s Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) Systems Center to improve the batteries that help power plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. 

Jul 7, 2009

Robo-Bats May Be Next Remote Control Flyers

Tiny flying machines can be used for everything from indoor surveillance to exploring collapsed buildings, but simply making smaller versions of planes and helicopters doesn’t work very well. Instead, researchers at North Carolina State University are mimicking nature’s small flyers – and developing robotic bats that offer increased maneuverability and performance. Small flyers, or micro-aerial… 

Jun 29, 2009

Tool Finds Best Heart Disease, Stroke Treatments for Patients with Diabetes

Researchers from North Carolina State University and Mayo Clinic have developed a computer model that medical doctors can use to determine the best time to begin using statin therapy in diabetes patients to help prevent heart disease and stroke. “The research is significant because patients with diabetes are at high risk for cardiovascular disease and… 

May 28, 2009

North Carolina State University engineers have created a non-toxic “wrinkled” coating for use on ship hulls that resisted buildup of troublesome barnacles during 18 months of seawater tests, a finding that could ultimately save boat owners millions of dollars in cleaning and fuel costs. The research conducted by Dr. Kirill Efimenko, research assistant professor in… 

May 20, 2009

NC State University Announces Construction of the Science Center Laboratory Building on Centennial Campus

North Carolina State University officials have broken ground on the next building to be developed on its Centennial Campus. The Centennial Science Center, a privately developed two-story facility, will house corporate partners and university laboratories, including the National Science Foundation (NSF) Engineering Research Center for Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) Systems. 

May 19, 2009

New Tool To Help Researchers Identify DNA Patterns of Cancer, Genetic Disorders

A new tool will help researchers identify the minute changes in DNA patterns that lead to cancer, Huntington’s disease and a host of other genetic disorders. The tool was developed at North Carolina State University and translates DNA sequences into graphic images, which allows researchers to distinguish genetic patterns more quickly and efficiently than was… 

May 12, 2009

Heart Machine Expedites Research and Development of New Surgical Tools, Techniques

A new machine developed at North Carolina State University makes an animal heart pump much like a live heart after it has been removed from the animal’s body, allowing researchers to expedite the development of new tools and techniques for heart surgery. The machine saves researchers time and money by allowing them to test and… 

Apr 27, 2009

New Human Movement Model Can Aid In Studying Epidemic Outbreaks, Public Planning

Researchers have developed a new statistical model that simulates human mobility patterns, mimicking the way people move over the course of a day, a month or longer. The model, developed by scientists at North Carolina State University and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), is the first to represent the regular movement… 

Apr 21, 2009

NC State Experts Can Discuss Greenhouse Gas Risks

North Carolina State University experts can shed light on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) announcement April 17 that carbon dioxide and five other “greenhouse gases” are contributing to global climate change and therefore pose a threat to human health and welfare. While utilities, factory farms and other industry sectors are key contributors to overall… 

Apr 16, 2009

NC State Study Shows How To Deflect Asteroids and Save The Earth

You may want to thank David French in advance. Because, in the event that a comet or asteroid comes hurtling toward Earth, he may be the guy responsible for saving the entire planet. French, a doctoral candidate in aerospace engineering at North Carolina State University, has determined a way to effectively divert asteroids and other…