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Tag: materials science and engineering

Photo of Federico Scurti

Apr 23, 2019

Engineering Graduate Student Wins Lemelson-MIT Student Prize

Graduate student Federico Scurti wins prestigious prize for innovative inventions. 

three photos showing a wire stretch

Feb 22, 2019

Researchers Engineer a Tougher Fiber

Researchers have developed a fiber that combines the elasticity of rubber with the strength of a metal. 

belltower and trees

Feb 19, 2019

Veronica Augustyn Named Sloan Research Fellow

Veronica Augustyn has been awarded a 2019 Sloan Research Fellowship. 

microscopic images of nanofibers

Jan 24, 2019

New Method Allows Direct Conversion of Carbon Fibers and Nanotubes Into Diamond Fibers

NC State research has demonstrated a technique that converts carbon fibers and nanotubes into diamond fibers at ambient temperature and pressure in air. 

Woman sleeping under mosquito net.

Jan 2, 2019

For First Time, Researchers Can Measure Insecticide on Surface of Mosquito Nets

Researchers from NC State and the CDC have come up with a technique to measure how much insecticide is found on the surface of mosquito nets – paving the way for efforts to determine how long the nets are effective. 

cross-section of transistor

Dec 18, 2018

Technique Allows Integration of Single-Crystal Hybrid Perovskites Into Electronics

New technique allows single-crystal hybrid perovskite materials to be integrated into electronics. 

a diagram of a wavelength-controlled stage with accordion legs containing gold nanorods

Jun 18, 2018

Using Gold Nanoparticles to Trigger Sequential Unfolding of 3-D Structures

NC State researchers have developed a new technique that takes advantage of gold nanoparticles to trigger the sequential unfolding of three-dimensional structures using different wavelengths of light. 

A diagram of deformation rates in structural water

May 24, 2018

Microscopy Advance Reveals Unexpected Role for Water in Energy Storage Material

A material with atomically thin layers of water holds promise for energy storage technologies, and researchers have now discovered that the water is performing a different role than anyone anticipated. 

Mar 22, 2018

Researchers Use 3-D Printing to Create Metallic Glass Alloys in Bulk

Researchers have created amorphous metal, or metallic glass, alloys using 3-D printing technology. 

Mar 5, 2018

Tackling Perceived Bias in Engineering Education

NC State researchers are taking the lead in understanding and addressing perceived bias in engineering education programs across the country. 

Feb 20, 2018

Atomic Structure of Ultrasound Material Not What Anyone Expected

Researchers have gotten a glimpse at how atoms are arranged in a widely-used material – and it’s not what anyone expected. 

May 25, 2017

Researchers Find New Way to Control Light with Electric Fields

NC State researchers have discovered a technique for controlling light with electric fields. 

May 3, 2017

‘Persistent Photoconductivity’ Offers New Tool for Bioelectronics

NC State researchers have developed a new approach for manipulating the behavior of cells on semiconductor materials, using light to alter the conductivity of the material itself. 

Apr 28, 2017

Thin Layers of Water Hold Promise for the Energy Storage of the Future

Researchers have found that incorporating atomically thin layers of water into a material makes it able to store and deliver energy much more quickly. 

Apr 25, 2017

From Atoms to Batteries to the Workforce of the Future: Why Research Matters

If you want to build a cell-phone battery as thin as paper that powers your phone for a week, or have an electric vehicle like the Tesla go 500 miles on a single charge and recharge in just 10 minutes, you will have to start thinking small.