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physical and mathematical sciences

May 12, 2010

Dr. Marie Davidian To Receive Holladay Medal

The North Carolina State University Board of Trustees will award the Alexander Quarles Holladay Medal for Excellence to Dr. Marie Davidian, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor and Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor of Statistics, in recognition of her outstanding career at NC State. The Holladay Medal is the highest honor bestowed on a faculty member by the… 

May 4, 2010

NC State Experts Can Offer Insight into Gulf Oil Spill

The recent British Petroleum oil spill will have a major environmental impact on the U.S. Gulf Coast, and beyond. North Carolina State University experts can address issues pertaining to the spill, from how ocean currents may carry it beyond the Gulf, to how long and difficult the clean-up process may be, as well as effects… 

May 2, 2010

NC State’s Beichner Honored With UNC System Teaching Award

Dr. Robert J. Beichner, Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor of Physics at North Carolina State University and founding director of the STEM Education Initiative, has been honored with an Award for Excellence in Teaching from the University of North Carolina (UNC) Board of Governors. 

Apr 26, 2010

NC State Predicts Active Atlantic Hurricane Season for 2010

Researchers at North Carolina State University believe that hurricane activity will be above normal in the Atlantic basin in 2010. According to Dr. Lian Xie, professor of marine, earth and atmospheric sciences, and collaborators Dr. Montserrat Fuentes, professor of statistics, and graduate student Danny Modlin, 2010 should see 15 to 18 named storms forming in… 

Apr 23, 2010

Science Olympiad Invites Best and Brightest to Compete at NC State

North Carolina State University will host more than 2,500 egg-launching, bridge- and vehicle-building students from 150 middle and high schools across the state for the finals of the North Carolina Science Olympiad (NCSO) on Saturday, April 24. Media are invited to attend the event, which will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. in… 

Apr 14, 2010

Pinning Down a Proton: Researchers Develop Method to Describe Binding of Protons and Neutrons

A researcher at North Carolina State University has helped to develop a new method for describing the binding of protons and neutrons within nuclei. This method may improve scientists’ ability to predict and understand astrophysical reactions within stars. When protons and neutrons bind, the process releases energy. This fusion energy is how stars burn. If… 

Apr 8, 2010

Researchers Find Compound Effective In Destroying Antibiotic-Resistant Biofilms

Researchers at North Carolina State University have found a chemical compound that, when used in conjunction with conventional antibiotics, is effective in destroying biofilms produced by antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria such as the Staphylococcus strain MRSA and Acinetobacter. The compound also re-sentsitizes those bacteria to antibiotics. Infections from antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA are especially… 

Apr 8, 2010

Two NC State University Students Win Goldwater Scholarships

North Carolina State University undergraduates Nathan Bihlmeyer and Patrick Bowen, both of Wake Forest, N.C., have won prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships for the 2010-11 academic year. Bihlmeyer and Bowen are among 278 recipients of the honor. They were selected from a field of 1,111 mathematics, science and engineering students who were nominated by the… 

Apr 7, 2010

Researchers Improving Clinical Trials to Get Cancer Therapies to Patients Sooner

Researchers from North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University have teamed up to find ways to design more powerful clinical trials for cancer treatments, effectively getting better and more personalized new therapies to cancer patients sooner. The researchers have been awarded a $12.5 million, 5-year grant from… 

Mar 29, 2010

Scorpion Venom Provides Clues to Cause, Treatment of Pancreatitis

A Brazilian scorpion has provided researchers at North Carolina State University and East Carolina University insight into venom’s effects on the ability of certain cells to release critical components. The findings may prove useful in understanding diseases like pancreatitis or in targeted drug delivery. A common result of scorpion stings, pancreatitis is an inflammation of… 

Mar 18, 2010

NC State Hosts Lecture on Future of Science in America

For use by the media as calendar-of-events items or for information What: North Carolina State University will host a lecture, titled “America’s Science Challenges and Opportunities:  Past, Present and Future,” by Dr. Neal Lane, Malcolm Gillis University Professor at Rice University and senior fellow of the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy. Lane… 

Feb 19, 2010

NC State Mathematician Receives Packard Award

Dr. Seth Sullivant, assistant professor of mathematics at North Carolina State University, has been awarded a prestigious Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering valued at $875,000 over five years. The Packard Fellowship is awarded by the David and Lucille Packard Foundation and supports creative researchers early in their careers. Sullivant is one of 16 recipients… 

Jan 13, 2010

NC State Experts Can Offer Insight On Haiti Disaster

The eyes of the world are now focused on Haiti, and the effects of the recent earthquake disaster on the island nation are still unfolding. North Carolina State University researchers can help explain what happened and what it could mean for Haiti’s political and economic future. 

Nov 19, 2009

NC State’s Beichner Receives National, Statewide Teaching Awards

It’s been a busy month for Dr. Robert Beichner, professor of physics and director of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education Initiative at North Carolina State University. Cementing his reputation as an innovative instructor, Beichner on Thursday was named North Carolina Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of… 

Sep 22, 2009

Astronaut Scholarship Awarded to NC State Senior

North Carolina State University senior Brittany Boudreaux has been awarded a $10,000 scholarship from the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF). The scholarship will be presented to Boudreaux by Apollo 16 astronaut and moonwalker Charlie Duke during a free public ceremony to be held on Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 12:30 p.m. in 210 Park Shops on the…