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Tag: psychology

Mar 3, 2011

Our Online Training Preferences, or Why Clippy Bombed

A new study finds that students in online training courses want to be taught by electronic versions of themselves. The study, by researchers from NC State and George Washington University, were interested in how student performance was affected by changes in the electronic tutorial “helpers” utilized in online training programs. It turns out that students do… 

Mar 1, 2011

Off the Hook: Top Professors (3.1.11)

Today is the First Annual Distinguished Professor Lecture Series event. NC State students nominated more than 250 professors who have impacted their lives, and we'll hear from three of them at Stewart Theatre today at 6 p.m. 

Feb 16, 2011

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Dr. Craig Brookins, an associate professor of psychology and Africana studies, shared his experiences of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro as part of the Fabulous Faculty series. 

Dec 21, 2010

Trivial Pursuits: The Abstract’s 2010 Quiz

The Abstract staff will be taking off for a couple of weeks to prepare for 2011. In an attempt to amuse and entertain ourselves you, we’ve pulled together a quick quiz on some of the research we’ve written about in 2010. See how you do! Answers are below the photo, and include links to the… 

Nov 2, 2010

Strumming Up Business

Italo Leiva was struggling to learn sheet music for guitars when suddenly a light bulb went off. Specifically, a light with seven colors. So, Leiva color-coded his guitar strings to improve his skills, and now fronts a start-up business with a chance to become a big hit in the music equipment industry. 

Sep 28, 2010

Research: Welcome To The Real World

A new study shows that social-science research done by “ivory tower” academics does have utility in the real world, specifically in the business community. And, even more specifically, it could help catch the next corporate fraud. The accounting firms tasked with auditing corporations and identifying fraud are required to have brainstorming sessions as part of… 

Aug 31, 2010

Survey Says

If you’re likely to trash that survey instead of filling it out, genetics may be partly to blame. Based on research with twins, Dr. Lori Foster Thompson says that some people appear to be genetically predisposed to ignore survey requests. 

Aug 30, 2010

This Old DNA Of Mine (Is Weak For Surveys)

I have a friend who HATES taking surveys. I’ve always found that irrational, but a new study shows that her dislike of surveys may have a genetic basis. A forthcoming paper shows that some people are genetically predisposed to not take surveys (and that some people are genetically predisposed TO take surveys). The researchers used… 

Aug 4, 2010

Keep On Playing Those Mind Games

Video games aren’t just kid stuff any more. It is a multibillion dollar industry that has branched out from entertainment into areas such as educational software. Now researchers are working on ways that video games might be used to boost memory and thinking skills in the elderly – and some people aren’t crazy about that.… 

Apr 23, 2010

Osborne Joins Editorial Board

Dr. Jason W. Osborne, associate professor in educational psychology, was named to the editorial board for Sage Research Methods Online. 

Apr 23, 2010

A Perfect Game

Lindsay Campana, one of the ACC's top pitchers and the ace of the Wolfpack, will spend Monday afternoon helping 20 local children with disabilities experience the joys of playing softball. But unlike other matchups to be played across the conference that day, everyone on NC State's Dail Stadium diamond will truly leave the game a winner. 

Apr 15, 2010

Making Gumbo at the University

Dr. Rupert Nacoste draws on his Louisiana black-Creole roots for the guiding metaphor of his book, Making Gumbo in the University

Apr 16, 2009

Robot Research Highlighted

Dr. Doug Gillan is writing Army guidelines for human-robot interfaces and chairing a symposium on human-robot interaction research.