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Feb 16, 2012

NC State’s First Annual Fashion Week Will Kick Off April 11

North Carolina State University will host its first Fashion Week beginning on April 11, 2012. The event will include two separate fashion shows as well as two full days of educational forums and exhibitions focused on highlighting global innovations in fashion, creating leadership opportunities for students and faculty, and introducing corporations to creative resources. Fashion… 

Jan 24, 2012

U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce to Visit NC State Textiles Labs

U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade Francisco Sánchez will visit North Carolina State University on Wednesday, Jan. 25, as part of a trip to meet with N.C. business and textile manufacturing leaders. Sánchez will tour NC State’s Nonwovens Institute Partners Lab, which aims to transform research and development in air, blood and water filtration… 

Jan 13, 2012

College of Textiles Welcomes Prospective Students at Annual Open House

What: High school students, parents, teachers and the general public are invited to learn more about the new world of textiles by attending the annual open house event at North Carolina State University’s College of Textiles. The open house will showcase advances in fashion design and production, brand management and marketing, fabric design, polymer and… 

Dec 12, 2011

New Dye Will Lead To More Efficient Solar Energy Technology

A North Carolina State University invention has significant potential to improve the efficiency of solar cells and other technologies that derive energy from light. 

Dec 5, 2011

NC State Holds Forensic Science Symposium for National and State Law Enforcement

North Carolina State University will hold its fourth annual forensic science symposium –including presentations of cutting-edge crime scene investigation technology and techniques – on Tuesday, Dec. 6, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the College of Textiles. 

Oct 17, 2011

NC State in Asia

NC State's growing presence in Asia is opening professional, academic and personal opportunities to the university's students, faculty and alumni. 

Sep 8, 2011

Answering the call

The Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks presented unprecedented challenges to our country. Chief among the tasks facing the United States after the attacks: innovation to meet those challenges. In fields from textiles to foreign-language training, NC State has been at the forefront, yielding better fabrics for firefighters and technology for detecting improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in combat zones. 

Aug 9, 2011

New Technique Scales Up Nanofiber Production

A new spin on an old technology will give scientists and manufacturers the ability to significantly increase their production of nanofibers, according to researchers at North Carolina State University. Collections of nanofibers, because they are porous and lightweight, are useful in applications ranging from water filtration to tissue regeneration to energy storage. But although nanofibers… 

Jul 13, 2011

Research Hopes to Improve Suits For Fighting Wildfires

You can hardly get through an evening news program without hearing about an out-of-control wildfire spreading across various parts of the country. But how safe – and comfortable – is the clothing being worn by the men and women fighting these fires? Researchers at North Carolina State University are working to develop and demonstrate new… 

Jun 7, 2011

T-Shirt Transistors?

The touch, the feel … the conductivity … of cotton. Researchers at NC State hope to make that a reality by applying conductive nanocoatings to common textile materials in order to improve current and future electronic devices. Normally, conductive nanocoatings are applied to inorganic materials like silicon. But researchers believe nanotechnology can be used to create… 

Jun 6, 2011

Research Examines How To Apply Conductive Nanocoatings To Textiles

Imagine plugging a USB port into a sheet of paper, and turning it into a tablet computer. It might be a stretch, but ideas like this have researchers at North Carolina State University examining the use of conductive nanocoatings on simple textiles – like woven cotton or even a sheet of paper. 

May 31, 2011

The Real Space Saver: NC State Students Look To Support Manned Mission To Mars

What would it take to make a manned mission to Mars a reality? A team of aerospace and textile engineering students from North Carolina State University believe part of the solution may lie in advanced textile materials. The students joined forces to tackle life-support challenges that the aerospace industry has been grappling with for decades. 

Apr 14, 2011

How Great They Art

NC State's 10th annual Art to Wear fashion show once again brought together some of the most creative minds on campus to show the latest in art and design. In an inspired show, student designers displayed a range of fashion - from haute couture to mass-market ready apparel. 

Apr 13, 2011

College of Textiles Holds “Threads” Senior Collection Spring 2011

What: Seventeen designers from the North Carolina State University College of Textiles senior fashion studio will present their designs in the “Threads” Senior Collection Fashion Show. It is a showcase of talent, creativity and skill; a culmination of techniques learned throughout their years as fashion and textile management majors. 

Apr 10, 2011

Where Art They Now

In 2004 and 2005, Ashley Newsome was just another student rushing to put last-minute touches on her showcased collections for NC State's annual Art to Wear fashion show. Today, Newsome owns her own sustainable fashion supply and custom clothing design and production studio.