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NC State, SKEMA Offer Graduate Curriculum in Global Luxury Management

A new one-year, dual-degree graduate study option developed jointly by North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management and SKEMA Business School is designed to prepare the next generation of managers for the growing global luxury goods and services market. SKEMA is a French business school with a number of campuses worldwide – including in Raleigh, N.C., and Suzhou, China.

The two business schools announced today that registration is now open for fall 2012 enrollment. Students will complete their fall semester at NC State and their spring 2013 semester at SKEMA in Sophia Antipolis, France. They will also complete an international internship in the luxury goods or services industry.

The global luxury management curriculum is a new focus area available through Poole College’s one-year Master of Global Innovation Management. The fall semester courses will be taught by faculty in NC State’s Poole College and NC State’s colleges of Textiles and Design.

“We are very excited to be drawing on the synergy between our colleges at NC State and the faculty at SKEMA to provide students this new opportunity,” said Dr. Ira R. Weiss, dean of NC State’s Poole College of Management.

The global demand for luxury goods has historically remained strong, but with the emergence of middle and upper class economies in China, Brazil and other countries, it has been growing significantly, he said. In China alone, rising incomes are boosting demand for luxury goods and services in the double digits, according to reports from CLSA, Asia’s leading independent brokerage and investment group.

“Research has shown that employers in luxury markets are looking for talent that understands the unique customer relationships in this environment,” Weiss added. “They are looking for individuals who can be entrepreneurial, who have a global perspective, and who can manage the creative and innovation processes. This program is designed to provide depth in all these areas.”

“NC State faculty in both Poole College and the College of Textiles work a lot with industry,” said Dr. Nancy Cassill, a professor in the College of Textiles. “We bring that experience to the classroom, where we challenge our students to be analytical and to think strategically about luxury products and how they are positioned within industries such as home and accessories, transportation, hospitality and other services, as well as fashion.”

During their fall semester at NC State, students will complete marketing and management courses in Poole College; courses on global brand management and marketing with a focus on luxury brand analysis and industry dynamics in NC State’s College of Textiles; and a course on global luxury marketing taught by a Poole College marketing instructor in partnership with faculty in NC State’s College of Design.

During the spring semester at SKEMA’s Sophia Antipolis campus in France, the students will gain exposure to industries in the luxury market.

“SKEMA’s faculty has expertise and work experience in brand and luxury management and the fashion industry, as this program has been created 10 years ago, in Sophia Antipolis, on the French Riviera. Our strong ties with the global luxury industry in France will support the program internship component,” said Ivan Coste, program director.

“Following the opening of our campus in Suzhou, China, last year, the launch of this program in the United States will open up new opportunities in a burgeoning market and at the same time reinforce SKEMA’s international presence and reputation,” said Alice Guilhon, dean of SKEMA.“We strongly believe that this cross-disciplinary, international approach offered by our two institutions will provide global luxury management students a solid foundation in business and management skills, practices and principles, as well as hands-on experience and exposure to the luxury market.”

Additional information, including detail on how to apply, is available online.


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