Finely Tuned

Each spring, mtvU seeks to recognize the nation’s best college radio station with a ‘Woodie Award.’ Not only has our own WKNC 88.1 FM been nominated for top honors, NC State’s home to all things eclectic sits squarely in mtvU’s ‘Top 10’ with just days remaining in the competition.

The secret to the station’s success, say its student employees, is easy to see – or, to be more precise, easy to hear.

“There’s a lot of diversity here,” said DJ Ones, aka Michael Jones, a sophomore history major. “There are shows that offer everything from bluegrass to a Pakistani/Indian show – they have the BEST giveaways.”

But giveaways aren’t the only thing our award-winning station has going for it. The Independent Weekly named WKNC the Triangle’s Best College Radio Station a year ago. The honor lends credibility to staff members’ shared vision for the station, general manager Tommy Anderson said.

“Everyone that comes [to work here] is aware of how bad other radio can be, and tries to combat that,” said Anderson, a senior majoring in political science and philosophy.

Despite having just two years experience as a DJ, Jones garnered a Best DJ nomination from the Indy, and not only works his own regular, two-hour live shift, but produces “Sound Off,” a WKNC-sponsored podcast, alongside junior Sean Anglin.

In attracting talent from all walks of life and a wide range of majors, WKNC – which not only boasts the Triangle’s largest college-radio staff but is entirely student-run– has become “home” for a large group of students who share a common interest in helping create better radio for the masses, whether that’s through marketing, promotions, over the air or in station administration.

“Everything we have is considered refreshing when you look at what’s to the right side of the dial”, Anderson said, noting WKNC’s position at the extreme left of the radio band.

With the local, regional and national recognition the station has received, and the possibility of landing top mtvU honors as well, it’s hard to argue with his logic.

Editor’s Note: Online “Woodie” voting ends March 1, and there are no limits as to how many times individuals may vote.

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