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Annual Enrollment, Again

It’s worth taking time for an insurance checkup before annual enrollment opens again July 18-29. You may need to adjust your coverage following significant changes to the State Health Plan.

Remember when, just last month, you had to attest that you and your covered family members met wellness requirements about tobacco use and body mass index? Those requirements have been repealed, so if you were placed in the 70/30 plan, you have an opportunity to choose the 80/20 option.

However, if you’re enrolled in the 80/20 plan, you’ll begin paying a monthly employee premium of $21.62 starting Sept. 1. There’s no charge for 70/30 employee coverage.

This fall, you may also see changes in your paycheck as premiums for dependent coverage increase 5.3 percent. You should also expect to pay more out of pocket for care as the co-pay amounts increase for visits to primary care doctors and specialists, along with out-of-pocket maximums.

To help you avoid surprises, here are some tools to make sure you’ve signed up for the right coverage for yourself and your family.

The good news is that if you are happy with the coverage levels you have and don’t wish to make changes, you don’t need to take action during the second annual enrollment period.

If you want to make changes, you’ll have to wait until the online portal opens next month.

You’ll receive more information about the second enrollment period in Bulletin updates, email notices from the Benefits Office and State Health Plan information mailed to your home address. For additional information visit the Benefits Office page on the State Health Plan changes.

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