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annual enrollment

Aug 17, 2022

Get Ready for Annual Enrollment

University Human Resources wants to help you prepare for annual enrollment. 

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Sep 24, 2018

Annual Enrollment Starts Sept. 29

Now is the time to add or change the benefit plans you participate in. Don't miss annual enrollment, which runs through Oct. 31. 

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Oct 6, 2016

Sign Up for Health Benefits by Oct. 31

It’s time to enroll in health insurance coverage for 2017. Don’t wait till the last minute to choose your benefit plans, complete your online health assessment and claim your wellness credits. 

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Oct 15, 2015

Time to Make Your Benefit Picks

Annual enrollment for benefits will run through Nov. 18. The NC State Human Resources Benefits Office cautions that this year's enrollment process could be more time consuming and employees should make their selections early. 

Aug 29, 2013

Learn About New Health Plan Options

Take time to learn about new State Health Plan options, including actions you can take now to save money on premiums next year. Annual enrollment begins Oct. 1. 

Mar 20, 2012

Are You Covered? Check Insurance in March

Review your health insurance coverage and make changes this month during the State Health Plan’s annual enrollment period. 

Oct 4, 2011

Make Benefits Changes in October

October is the month to re-enroll in flexible spending plans and to add or drop specialized health, accident and life insurance. 

Jun 23, 2011

Annual Enrollment, Again

It's wise to reexamine your insurance coverage following significant changes to the State Health Plan. A second annual enrollment period will be offered July 18-29. 

Jun 7, 2011

Time’s Running Out

Time is running out for annual enrollment in the State Health Plan. If you miss the deadline today, your coverage will automatically be set at the 70/30 level. 

May 4, 2011

Annual Enrollment Requires Action

Don't miss annual enrollment beginning May 9. For the first time, members must attest that they (and their dependents) have a body mass index under 40 or join an approved weight program. Use our handy BMI calculator. 

Oct 12, 2010

Oct. 29 Deadline to Make Insurance Changes

If you need to add, change or cancel insurance coverage, now’s the time. The annual enrollment period began Oct. 4 and runs through Friday, Oct. 29.