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SBP September 10th: Campus Updates

Below are updates from different areas of campus for next week!

Senate Appropriations

The Student Senate appropriates funds to Registered Student Organizations each Fall and Spring. An organization files a request online, which is reviewed by the Senate Appropriations Committee for recommendation to the full Senate.

Fall 2011 Appropriations are now underway! Please visit to get additional information and to file a request. Filing closes September 22nd, 2011.

Study Abroad Fair

Come to the NC State Study Abroad Fair on Thursday, September 15th in the Talley Ballroom from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm!

The Study Abroad Fair is a great chance to learn about all of the study abroad options available here at NC State. Almost all of our 2012 Summer and Spring Break programs will be represented, along with tables for all of our semester study abroad options. This is an ideal opportunity to meet NC State students who have returned from studying abroad and who are eager to share their experiences. Faculty directors who lead programs and study abroad advisors will also be available to answer questions.

Check out the Facebook event for the fair

Voter Registration

Registration and Records would like to remind you that NC State students may be eligible to register and vote in Wake County, North Carolina. North Carolina State University, as a public university, complies with the National Voter Registration Act.

Registration and Records provides voter registration and voting information. Registration and Records does not endorse candidates, take political stands, or endorse or oppose legislation. Voter registration forms are available online or at Registration and Records, 1000 Harris Hall.

NC State students may be eligible to register and vote in Wake County, North Carolina. The deadline for voter registration in North Carolina is 25 days prior to an election.