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SBP Nov 14: Recap on WolfAlert

Student Government suggests all members of the NC State community review the university’s emergency procedures. They can be reviewed at this link: Emergency Information

There is now a Wolfalert Facebook and Twitter Account. Like “Wolfalert” on Facebook and follow @WolfAlert on Twitter!

Student Government has heard concerns from students over the last few weeks and I want to share our updates:

The siren system is meant to be heard outside and not inside. This is why some students are not able to understand the message or hear the siren inside. One important detail for students to be aware of is that there is a different siren for “this is a test” and an actual emergency situation. Listen closely.

Student Government will continue to advocate for the website to be updated instantly with the emergency message. We will also push for instantaneous use of the email and text messaging WolfAlerts. If there is enough time to send an audible alert, there should be enough time to write a quick one liner up on the website. This same line can go on the Facebook and Twitter sites that have recently been created.

The Student Senate has invited Chief Moorman to speak about emergency communications and student safety at a Senate meeting. Student Government official Josh Privette and myself are attending the next Staff Senate Executive Meeting to talk to David Rainer about emergency communications. Student Government will continue to advocate for you and work with Campus Police and University Administration to make sure correct policies are in place to handle emergency situations.

If you have more concerns, questions, or suggestions email me!

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