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Powering Down for the Holidays

NC State’s energy-saving holiday plans call for lowering temperature settings and turning off lights and office equipment. Here’s how you can help.

See if your building is on the temperature setback list. If not, look for ways you can save energy over the break, such as turning off office equipment. You’ll find mostly classrooms, offices and teaching labs on the setback list;  research labs and animal facilities aren’t usually affected.

If you’re one of the last to leave your building, follow this checklist:

  • Close laboratory fume hoods and shut down nonessential lab equipment.
  • Close windows and shut internal and external doors. Report windows and doors that are left open or unable to be closed to the Service
    Center at 515 2991.
  • Turn off all lights in your office or any shared area, such as conference rooms, break rooms, restrooms and classrooms.
  • Shut down office equipment and unplug power cords from the outlets for computers, faxes, printers and coffee makers.
  • Do not use space heaters.
  • Report any water leaks or improperly operating fixtures to the Service Center at 515-2991.

Facilities staff will provide a courtesy walk-through of common areas in each building to shutdown standard office equipment in common areas if
they are inadvertently left on. As always, if you see problems, such as leaks, that need immediate attention, report them to the Service Center
at 515-2991.