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Gate Card Changes Under Way

You can use your faculty/staff ID to open gated parking lots, beginning this week. The campus began the switch to All Campus Card gate access on Tuesday. Your ID card will automatically be activated to open gates you’re authorized to access.

Staff will be on hand at gates to assist during the implementation week.

To ensure a smooth transition, make sure that you have a valid All Campus Card.

Please turn in old gate cards. You can visit the Main Campus or Centennial Campus information booths, send gate cards to Campus Box 7221 or stop by the transportation office at 2721 Sullivan Drive.

Questions? Call the transportation office at 515-3424 or email David Gregory, parking services manager, at

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  1. While I agree 100% with the above comment from Mr. Osbourne, maybe there is a solution to the problem. Two cards should be issued to each employee, one to leave in their car and one to keep in their pocket or purse. This transition has not been a smooth one and I have yet to speak with anyone that is okay with the process.

    Others are putting their cards in a plastic pouch attached to a cord to hang around their necks. I do not do this because I have picked so many off of the floor and then research where the person is and return it to them. Not exactly an efficient use of my time at work.

    On the other hand, there is an advantage to the makers of this card. If so many lose their cards as expected, you office should make some decent money with the replacements.

  2. I never saw an explanation as to why we switched to the campus card from the old gate-card.

    I find the campus card to be considerably less convenient than the old gate-card.

    1. Jason:

      We made the change to the AllCampusCard for several reasons. Security is one factor. This system allows us to better control access, helping create a more secure environment for our 40,000-plus students, faculty, staff and visitors. A second factor is efficiency. The gate system we replaced was old technology and generated excessive downtime for maintenance and repair.

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