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Rivers Returns

NC State football legend Philip Rivers came back to campus May 12 as the spring 2012 commencement speaker.

With six kids and a booming pro football career in San Diego, Rivers said he doesn’t make it back to Raleigh as often as he’d like. Those rare trips back to campus are special times, he said.

Between graduation events, Rivers sat down for an interview about his Rivers of Hope Foundation, the impact NC State made on his life and the growing awareness he sees of the university around the country.

“You’re most relevant when you’re here. And those four years when I was out here (and) visible every Saturday, that’s when it was very clear what a big part of the Wolfpack family I was and I loved it,” he said. “I still have that same love for NC State.

“It’s people that I run into when I’m here that strike up those memories,” he added. “The football, all those things are great, the touchdowns (but) it’s the people that you interacted with … that’s what’s most special.”