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NC State Experts Can Address Post-Election Issues

Experts from North Carolina State University can offer insight into issues facing the White House and Congress in the wake of the 2012 elections, from the “fiscal cliff” to leadership changes in the State and Defense departments.

Fiscal Cliff

Dr. Andrew Taylor, professor of political science, 919/515-8618 or, is an expert on national politics and policy. Taylor can address the political challenges facing President Obama and Congress as they attempt to avoid the federal funding cuts scheduled to take place at the end of the year as a result of the Budget Control Act of 2011.

Dr. Michael Walden, William Neal Reynolds Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 919/515-4671 or, is an expert on economic policy who can weigh in on the potential impact of the so-called “fiscal cliff,” as well as the impact of various legislative/policy options being considered.

State and Defense Departments

Dr. William Boettcher, associate professor of political science, 919/515-5096 or, is an expert on U.S. foreign and security policy. Boettcher can discuss potential changes at the Department of Defense (DoD), where Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is expected to step down, as well as the most significant challenges the next DoD secretary will face. Boettcher can also discuss the security challenges facing Hillary Clinton’s successor as Secretary of State, since Clinton has announced plans to step down in Obama’s second term.

Dr. Mark Nance, assistant professor of political science, 919/515-3729 or, is an expert on trade, economic and social policy and European politics. Nance can discuss challenges facing the next Secretary of State in regard to economic and trade issues.

Post-Election Analysis and Congressional Outlook

Dr. Steven Greene, associate professor of political science, 919.513.0520 or, is an expert on campaigns, public opinion and the media. Greene can discuss the factors that contributed to the election results, as well as the prospects for bipartisanship, filibuster reform and other issues facing the 113th Congress.


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