Political Science Experts Offer Insights On National, NC Elections

voting sign

Photo credit: IIP Photo Archive.

Experts from North Carolina State University can offer insight into this year’s elections, as well as what outcomes may mean for policy issues both nationally and in North Carolina.

Andrew Taylor, professor of political science, 919/515-8618 or ataylor@ncsu.edu, is an expert on national politics and policy. Taylor can discuss the U.S. Congress, North Carolina politics, campaign finance and public policy.

Steven Greene, professor of political science, 919/513-0520 or shgreene@ncsu.edu, is an expert on national and North Carolina politics and policy, electoral politics, gender and politics, and political parties.

Mark Nance, associate professor of political science, 919/515-3729 or mark_nance@ncsu.edu, is an expert on the politics of North Carolina and the proposed amendments to the North Carolina State Constitution.


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