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David Hunt

May 8, 2008

Hoit Named NC State’s Vice Chancellor for Information Technology

Dr. Marc I. Hoit has been named vice chancellor for information technology at North Carolina State University, a new position established to develop and execute a progressive information technology strategy for the university. As NC State’s chief information officer, Hoit will report to Chancellor James L. Oblinger, who announced the selection today. Hoit will direct the… 

Mar 19, 2008

Grad Student Building Wooden Car

North Carolina State University student Joe Harmon is designing and building a concept car almost entirely out of wood for his graduate project in industrial design. The supercharged two-seater – dubbed “the Splinter” – will make its debut at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta on Aug. 20. 

Nov 7, 2007

Faculty Senate Talks Energy

Senators discussed the challenges and opportunities of NC State's Year of Energy. 

Nov 7, 2007

First Cut Isn’t the Deepest

Thanks to two enterprising employees in the Materials Lab, insurance actuaries all over Raleigh are sleeping better tonight. 

Oct 31, 2007

Blog Like a Pro

Tired of feeling like a techno-nobody when your 6-year-old niece starts talking about her blog? Thanks to NC State, those days are over. 

Oct 31, 2007

Almost Famous

Friday Institute employees take first place in VMware’s video contest. 

Sep 10, 2007

Going Mainstream

Visit Chatham County builder Will Johnson on a tour of a beautiful home he built that features the principles of universal design.