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Annual Enrollment Requires Action

Annual enrollment for the State Health Plan begins Monday, May 9, although the legislature could still make changes in rates and coverage when it adopts the state budget. At this point, enrollment will proceed under the terms of the existing plan, which includes restrictions on members who use tobacco products and—for the first time—restrictions on members who are obese.

Annual enrollment ends Wednesday, June 8.

All state employees covered by the plan will be automatically assigned to the Basic 70/30 Plan on July 1 unless they submit a form during annual enrollment attesting that they and their covered dependents meet the requirements of the Comprehensive Wellness Initiative. That initiative, adopted by the legislature in 2009, requires that members and dependents avoid tobacco use and maintain a body mass index under 40 (or join approved tobacco cessation and/or weight management programs).

Members who comply with the wellness provisions are eligible to join the Standard 80/20 plan, which provides a higher level of coverage.

The State Health Plan linked to the following body mass index calculator on its website:

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