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electrical and computer engineering

Dec 12, 2014

NC State Innovation Lights Amsterdam’s Rainbow Station

NC State technology helps an artist create a vibrant image in Amsterdam's Central train station. Discover the science behind the magical Rainbow Station. 

Nov 6, 2014

Cockroach Cyborgs Use Microphones to Detect, Trace Sounds

NC State researchers have developed technology that allows cyborg cockroaches, or biobots, to pick up sounds with small microphones and seek out the source of the sound. The technology is designed to help emergency personnel find and rescue survivors in the aftermath of a disaster. 

Oct 30, 2014

New Tech Aims to Improve Communication Between Dogs and Humans

NC State researchers have developed a suite of technologies that can be used to enhance communication between dogs and humans, which has applications in everything from search and rescue to service dogs to training our pets. 

Oct 21, 2014

Researchers Take Big-Data Approach to Estimate Range of Electric Vehicles

NC State researchers have developed new software that estimates how much farther electric vehicles can drive before needing to recharge. 

Oct 25, 2011

Floyd Receives Defense Award

Dr. Brian Floyd, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, has won a $300,000 Young Faculty Award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). 

Sep 28, 2011

Escuti Wins Presidential Early Career Award

Engineering professor Michael Escuti has won the U.S. government’s top award for early-career scientists and engineers. 

Mar 16, 2011

Chakrabortty Receives NSF Career Award

Dr. Aranya Chakrabortty, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, has received a National Science Foundation Career Award to support his research on power grids. 

Jan 19, 2011

Baran Named IEEE Fellow

Dr. Mesut Baran, professor of electrical and computer engineering, has been awarded fellow status by IEEE, the world’s largest association for advancement of technology. 

Dec 10, 2010

Engineering Hall of Fame Inducts Baliga

Dr. B. Jayant Baliga has been inducted into the 2010 class of the Electronic Design Engineering Hall of Fame. 

Mar 4, 2010

Researchers Win Microwave Prize

Researchers in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will receive the 2010 Microwave Prize from the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society. The award recognizes the most significant paper in the field that has been published in the preceding year in any IEEE publication. 

Oct 22, 2009

Masnari Honored with Alumni Award

Dr. Nino Masnari, distinguished professor of electrical and computer engineering, received an Electrical and Computer Engineering Alumni Society Merit Award from the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan. 

Oct 22, 2009

Alexander Interim Dean

Dr. Winser E. Alexander, professor of electrical and computer engineering, is serving as interim dean of the College of Engineering at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. 

Sep 17, 2009

Miller Named McPherson Professor

Dr. Thomas K. Miller III has been named the McPherson Family Distinguished Professor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. 

Sep 17, 2009

Artificial Retina Research Honored

Dr. Gianluca Lazzi, professor of electrical and computer engineering, is part of an elite group of researchers recently honored with an R&D 100 Award for their work on an artificial retina that could one day restore sight to the blind. 

Apr 23, 2009

Fighting TB as Easy as 1-2-3

Three NC State undergraduates have developed the first practical diagnostic device for TB that is cheap, fast and accurate.