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Audible Alert Test Set For March 3

The university will conduct the first monthly test of the WolfAlert Audible Warning System at noon on Monday, March 3.  The audible alert system includes several voice– and tone–enabled towers located throughout campus and could be used to warn campus of emergency situations.

The test of the system will include a tone and voice test and conclude with the “all clear” tone.  The test should take 5–10 minutes.

Environmental Health and Public Safety has arranged for test participants to be stationed at the exterior of buildings throughout campus to determine the extent to which the audible alerts can be heard.

The system will be tested on the first Monday of each month at noon.  After this initial test, subsequent monthly tests will include only the “all clear” tone.  The voice and tone will be tested quarterly.

In certain emergency situations, a tone warning followed by voice instructions (such as “seek shelter and go to the home page for further instruction”) may be employed.  An all–clear tone would sound once the situation is stabilized.

For more information about the NC State WolfAlert Audible Warning System and to hear the tones go to