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Free Expression Tunnel Enhanced

In response to suggestions from the Campus Climate Task Force, the Facilities Division has made lighting and signage improvements at the Free Expression Tunnel. Lighting improvements have been completed at both the north and south entrances, resulting in better illumination of the area. The entrances now meet or exceed the campus standard as measured by light meters. Imagery from security cameras has shown significant improvement, says Kevin MacNaughton, associate vice chancellor for facilities.

Facilities also is working to change signage in and around the tunnel. The existing sign that indicates painting limits will be changed to include a notice that the area is subject to closed circuit video monitoring. In addition, staff will add signs at both ends of the tunnel similar to the bronze building dedication plaques used on the exterior of campus buildings. These signs will advise users to, “Be considerate of others and refrain from offensive and hateful messages.” Rather than bronze, the signs will be made of a plastic-like material called Graytech that is easy to fabricate, install and maintain. Bronze signs previously installed at the tunnel were stolen last year.