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Protecting the Public

Designing filters that protect transfused blood from nasty proteins. Ensuring the safety of food from farm to fork. And producing “PyroHands” that protect firefighters and first responders.

You can get a glimpse of NC State research on safety and security in the hot-off-the-presses edition of Results, the university’s research magazine. See it online here.

You’ll also find a story on NC State’s efforts to become the forensic science capital of the world. (Note to CBS: If you start a new show called CSI:Raleigh, The Abstract wants royalties. Or a production credit.) You’ll meet an award-winning  engineer who is helping the military find improvised explosive devices in war zones. And you’ll learn about new ways to tell computer hackers to “get off my cloud.” (It doesn’t include serenading them with Rolling Stones songs, although threatening to play any song with Keith Richards on lead vocals may do the trick.)