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From afar, freshmen found NC State

When home is 2,500 miles away, there’s no turning back for forgotten items.

Accordingly, Kristi and Kasey Czubernat didn’t travel light when they left El Cajon, Calif., for their new homes: Tucker and Owen halls at NC State University. They carried enough to send their father, Ken, back to the hotel for a second load during move-in on Saturday, Aug. 13.

A desire to get away from home helped lead the Czubernats to NC State. The identical twins are among the farthest-flung new freshmen entering NC State this year. They’re part of a geographically diverse freshman class. New first-year students come from 44 U.S. states, 45 countries and 98 of North Carolina’s 100 counties.

The First Year College was the biggest draw for the Czubernats, who also considered Duke University and the University of Oregon. While Kristi and Kasey have considered majoring in business or engineering, neither has settled on a field of study. The First Year College program will expose them to a wide variety of subjects and offer the support they need during their first year, Kristi said.

“When we came to orientation, we went to a couple of meetings of the FYC,” said Kasey Czubernat. “After that, we said, ‘This is why we want NC State.’

The First Year College appealed to Kristi and Kasey’s parents, too.

“We agree with their decision to come here because of that First Year College program,” mother Denise Czubernat said. “It’s very impressive.”

While they were anxious about living so far from family and home, Kasey and Kristi said they’re mostly excited about their new adventure. As sports fans, at least, they’re assured a smooth transition. Residents of a San Diego suburb, the Czubernats are long-time fans of former NC State quarter Philip Rivers, who currently plays for the San Diego Chargers.

They’ll also have no trouble adjusting to the NC State mascot.

“My high school (West Hills High), we were the Wolfpack,” Kristi said. “So it’s Wolfpack to Wolfpack.”

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