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wolfpack welcome week

A large crowd gathers during Packapalooza 2022 to watch Wolfpack Welcome Week's grand finale: a dazzling firework show over the Belltower.

Sep 6, 2022

Relive Wolfpack Welcome Week 2022

We kick-started the new academic year with more than a week of celebration, including the return of Packapalooza. See the highlights. 

A student holds up wolf hands above a crowd.

Aug 25, 2021

Relive Wolfpack Welcome Week 2021

This year's Wolfpack Welcome Week featured more than 100 events and activities for NC State students new and old. See the highlights. 

Students dance for a crowd as part of Wolfpack Welcome Week in Talley Student Union.

Aug 15, 2019

Wolfpack Welcome Week 2019

Exciting, exhausting, bustling — and hot. The first week at NC State is packed with events to get students up to speed and make them feel at home. 

Students walk through Talley Student Union

Aug 16, 2018

Wolfpack Welcome Week 2018

NC State is welcoming first-year and transfer students to campus August 17-25 with a full slate of Wolfpack Welcome Week events. 

Students gathered under a "Welcome Home" banner at Respect the Pack 2016.

Aug 9, 2017

Wolfpack Welcome Week 2017

During Wolfpack Welcome Week, nearly 6,500 new students will arrive at NC State and take that next step in their academic careers. Find out what awaits them. 

NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson addresses the attendees of Respect the Pack.

Aug 23, 2016

A Matter of Respect

Nearly 100 events take place during Wolfpack Welcome Week, but few carry the weight of Respect The Pack. Participants in the annual event come together to share a message of diversity and inclusivity that organizers hope will resonate with the campus community. 

Aug 11, 2016

Get Ready for Wolfpack Welcome Week

Accept it: Summer's over. Students are on their way back, and campus will be buzzing with activity again, especially while all the newcomers find their way around. At least there won't be anyone lost in the hallways of Harrelson anymore. Be patient, be kind, be helpful. 

Aug 19, 2015

Students Vow to ‘Respect the Pack’

The world is a mosaic of unique, individual tiles, NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson told scores of students at Tuesday's "Respect the Pack" event. 

NC State junior Scotty McCreery performs at Packapalooza 2014.

Aug 25, 2014

Packapalooza 2014

Packapalooza brought 55,000 people to Hillsborough Street. See how NC State rocked in the new school year. 

Aug 23, 2011

Stop Hunger Now Photo Gallery

Volunteers came together at NCSU on August 20 to package meals for Stop Hunger Now. The food will go to hunger relief efforts in Haiti. 

Aug 18, 2011

Living history

As a massive renovation begins at Talley Student Center, meet the longtime university leader for whom the building is named. 

Aug 16, 2011

From afar, freshmen found NC State

A desire to get away and the First Year College led identical twins Kristi and Kasey Czubernat from El Cajon, Calif., to NC State. 

Aug 14, 2011

On the front line

Resident advisors do it all: offer academic advice, build community on campus, mediate conflicts, build campus communities. Meet two NC State RAs. 

Aug 12, 2011

Welcome Back Wolfpack!

NC State is howling with excitement about the arrival of a new Wolfpack freshman class. 

Aug 9, 2011

Red, White and Green

More than 4,500 new freshmen will make a big impact on NC State. Sustainability efforts will limit their environmental impact during Wolfpack Welcome Week 2011.