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SBP August 31 : Guest tickets

Guest tickets are now available to purchase for the Liberty game! We’ll take this opportunity to explain a little bit about guest tickets in general for the upcoming season.

Rather than allowing guest tickets to be purchased at the same time as the original student ticket request, as it has been done in years past, the new policy only allows for guest tickets to be purchased if there are tickets available after the on-demand phase has begun.

To actually go on to the system and request a guest ticket is very easy. You simply go to the website and click reserve a ticket beside the game for which you’re requesting a guest ticket just as one would during the typical on-demand phase. From there students are able to request 1 guest ticket and then pay for it online using a credit or debit card.

Hopefully this can clear up any questions that have been out there. If not, feel free to email the Student Government Athletics Commission (
Look forward to everyone being out there Saturday and getting in the game early, staying late and remaining loud the entire time!

Also, please read this reminder about the student ticket policy:

The following rules are established to ensure that NC State students have priority in receiving student tickets. Violations of these rules or other student ticketing policies will result in the student being referred to the Office of Student Conduct for adjudication under the Code of Student Conduct.

Student tickets are available for eligible NC State students only. As a result, students are prohibited from providing a student ticket to anyone who is not an eligible NC State student. Student eligibility is determined based on the Eligibility policy available on the Student Ticketing website.

Students are prohibited from selling any ticket at a price that is higher than the established value of the ticket.

Students are prohibited from obtaining student tickets by any means other than the process that has been set out for students and which is available on the Student Ticketing website.

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