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Strolling Professor, Meet Swimming Retriever

The Strolling Professor has a new statuesque friend. The Swimming Retriever, dedicated last week, sits between the Terry Center and main administration building for the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Carved from a single block of Brazilian granite, the sculpture depicts the neck and head of a golden retriever carrying a stick in its mouth.

Created by sculptor Jim Sardonis of Vermont, Swimming Retriever celebrates the human-animal bond and honors philanthropist Randall B. Terry Jr. , whose love of his nine golden retrievers led him to donate $20 million for the state-of-the art Terry Center.

The 7-foot stick in the golden’s mouth serves as a bench for visitors. On the back of the dog’s collar is a large tag containing a relief image of Randall B. Terry Jr.

Dr. Oscar Fletcher, former CVM dean and friend of Randall Terry, took part in the dedication ceremony.

A selection committee chose the Swimming Retriever design, following the university’s art acquisition process.