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NC State Opens Wolf Ridge Apartments on Centennial Campus

North Carolina State University will officially open a new housing complex for upper-division and graduate students that will expand campus housing and dining to its Centennial Campus.

The new apartment complex, called Wolf Ridge, will be certified LEED Silver – the first LEED-certified residence hall at the university – and contains dining facilities, a bookstore and a fitness center. Two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments and graduate student lofts will be available.

The grand opening event for Wolf Ridge will take place at 11 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 19 in Tower Hall, one of two new buildings on Centennial Campus. Media coverage is invited. Parking will be available in the West Oval parking deck at 914 Partners Way.

Media will have an opportunity to tour one of the apartments and speak with NC State students and administrators about the new complex.

Wolf Ridge is a six-building complex that will accommodate about 1,200 graduate and upper-division students. High-speed ResNet connections will be available to keep students linked to the university computer network. Cable television will also be available. The complex is also on the university’s Wolfline bus system.

Two of the complex’s buildings are ready for occupancy and will house about 400 students for the upcoming fall semester. The other four buildings are scheduled to open for fall semester 2014. The total cost for the complex is expected to be $130 million.

More information on the Wolf Ridge complex can be found here.

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