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Bond Would Fund Street Improvements

A significant part of the Raleigh transportation bond in front of voters in Tuesday’s local elections is funding for the second phase of the Hillsborough Street improvement project.

The proposed changes would add two additional roundabouts on the half-mile stretch of NC State’s northern boundary, at Rosemary and Gardner streets, and complete the streetscape design begun by the first phase of the renovation, which was completed in 2010 to improve traffic flow, pedestrian safety and street appeal.

The new $6 million project, which would be completed by 2015, is the fourth largest in the $77 million transportation bond, which provides funding for 18 approved expansions and improvements to streets and roads throughout Raleigh.

The first phase of the project added a median to change Hillsborough from four lanes to two and installed a two-lane roundabout in front of the Memorial Belltower, which was later turned into a one-lane traffic circle with turn-out lanes.

Also included on Tuesday ballot is an $810 million Wake County education bond and local elections for Raleigh mayor, the Wake County education board and Raleigh city and Cary town councils.