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Disappearing Frogs at Crafts Center

The Pine Barrens Treefrog, considered by many to be the most beautiful frog in the United States, became North Carolina’s Official State Frog in 2013. Photo by Todd Pusser.

The world’s frog population is disappearing and yet many of us know little about these amphibians’ risk for extinction. A traveling art exhibition at NC State this month aims to change that, using art to illuminate this environmental issue.

Now through March 3 NC State’s Crafts Center hosts the Disappearing Frogs Project, a regional effort that uses interactive art installations to raise awareness of the global decline and disappearance of frogs and other amphibians. In addition to the Crafts Center, art also will be displayed in the Talley Student Union.

A recent study highlighted in the Washington Post cited the disappearance of about 200 frog species — mostly since 1970 —  with the possibility of losing nearly 7 percent of frogs in the next century. Among the causes for the surge is the vulnerability of frogs to environmental factors, such as disease, invasive species and habitat loss.