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Art2Wear 2016

Models exhibit the work of student designer Gillian Paige.
Models show the work of student designer Gillian Paige at Art2Wear 2014.

Art2Wear, the annual showcase of student fashion from the colleges of design and textiles, returns to the runway for its 15th year on April 22.

While the show is a one-night affair, it’s the result of a full academic year of work. The dresses that appear on stage in April follow months of sketching, sewing, painting and (sometimes) 3D printing.

“I think that (Art2Wear) helps us all prepare for the world,” alumna Rachel Bridges said before the 2015 event. “Not only are we making a collection, but we’re working with professionals. When we go out to search for jobs we’re going to have to work with account managers, directors. The people putting on the event are as important as anyone, and it’s a great show in that aspect.”

Before you take in the 2016 edition at Talley Student Union, revisit the last three years of high design and hard work:

Art2Wear 2016: Three Years in the Making