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Wolfline Bus System to be Replaced by Rideshare Scooters

Wolfline rideshare scooter for April Fools'


We had to do it. How slick would these scooters look?

That said, have no fear — as Raleigh continues to weigh options on rideshare scooters, the Wolfline Bus System is here to stay in its original form.

For those of you that don’t know, the Wolfline is NC State’s fare-free bus service which is tailored to student class schedules, but also available for use by the general public.

Wolfline buses operate every day classes are in session, serving all three campuses, three park & ride lots, official NC State housing and privately-owned apartment complexes located on city streets traveled by Wolfline buses on the way to or from these areas.

No university ID, pass, or fare is required to ride! Buses are red and white and black with the Wolfline logo lettering.

Have you taken advantage of the Wolfline Bus System before? How often do you ride on the Wolfline?